Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Twitter Pitch Workshop

Entranced Publishing has had so much fun with their first ever Friday Frenzy event, but we know some of the authors felt a little overwhelmed, having to condense a whole query down to 140 characters or less. That's why, for the next two weeks, the Entranced Publishing authors are banding together to bring you Friday Frenzy Twitter Pitch Workshops!

Here's how it all works:

1.)  You post your potential query in the comments section using this formula:
                         Query (less than 100 words):
                         Twitter Pitch(es):

2.)  I give you feedback on it.

3.) You give feedback to two other people who have posted their queries - remember what goes around comes around!

Here's the bonus: I'm not alone in hosting this workshop! Some of the other lovely Entranced Publishing authors are doing it, too. So jump on over to their blogs and offer your support to Twitter pitching authors like yourself!


Feeling a little overwhelmed? Not sure how to proceed? That's okay. Hop on over to the wonderful Louise D. Gornall's  blog where you can find some very useful tips, tricks, and sample pitches!

Don't forget to follow @EntrancedPub on Twitter so you can pitch them your book during this weeks #FridayFrenzy!

Have fun and happy pitching!