Thursday, December 26, 2013

Putting the Rumors to Rest

There are some rumors circulating -- two in particular -- that concern me personally, and I figured the best way to handle them is to address them head on so that way there is no confusion.

Rumor #1: You left Entranced Publishing to go work for a new press


Truth: I did resign my position as Senior Editor at Entranced Publishing. But I did so for some very personal reasons that have nothing to do with the company itself. I adore the entire staff of Entranced and every single author who is signed with them -- which, for the record, includes me because my book is still published by them. Yes, I have taken a new position with Anaiah Press. And yes, it is a Christian fiction press. I'm the Managing Editor for their Surge Imprint (YA / NA titles).

False: I did not leave Entranced to go to Anaiah. In fact, I knew nothing about Anaiah until well after I'd given my resignation. But for the record, I'm thrilled with my new position and I'm very excited to build a new client list!

Rumor #2: You're no longer writing adult / erotica books


From this point forward, I will only be writing young adult books under the name Kara Leigh Miller. As you can see, I'm slowly making the transition and removing all my adult titles from this blog. Only a couple of these adult titles are going to remain in publication after the first of the year, and the only reason for that is because I'm contractually obligated for a bit longer.

(On a side note: I am working to develop a new pseudonym that will allow me to write in the adult / erotica genres again.)

As always, my email (karaleighmiller (at) gmail (dot) com) is open to anyone who'd like to use it. Feel free to send me a message or two about anything you'd like!