Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polish Your Pitches - It's #PitMad Time!

Tomorrow is January 8th and it's the ever crazy yet exciting event known as #PitMad. Twitter will be abuzz with authors pitching their novels in the required 140 characters or less -- which is really hard to do! Agents and editor will be trolling the feed looking for the best, most intriguing pitches, and then making requests. It's going to be a TON of fun.

And of course, I will be stalking the feed, looking for some new YA and NA for Anaiah Press. So, I thought it would be much less chaotic for me to outline exactly what I expect during this party.

It's simple, I promise!

If I favorite your #PitMad tweet tomorrow please do the following:
1.  Send me a query letter and first three (3) chapters of your novel pasted into the body of the email to: karaleigh.miller (at) anaiahpress (dot) com

See? Told you it was easy :-)

A few things to please keep in mind:
  • Don't participate in this event if your manuscript isn't finished, edited, and polished.
  • Anaiah Press is a Christian fiction press and we only accept stories that contain themes of inspiration and/or faith (religious themes do not need to be overt) so if you know your story won't fit and I request it, please don't hesitate to send me a polite message stating you're not submitting for this reason.
  • Despite popular belief, you don't have to submit to every single agent, publisher, and/or editor who favorites your pitch. If I request materials from you, but your dream is to land an agent, then by all means, feel free to politely decline my request. I'm an author, too. I understand how it goes. But please, please do not send your query if you have no intentions of seriously considering an offer from us.

Happy pitching, Twitterverse! I know it will be Happy Hunting for me :-)