Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for April Fools Day

Today is the start of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. 

When I first signed up for this, I was uber excited and committed to rocking it. Then life happened. I had some personal family issues to deal with. I fell behind on my work and my deadlines. I haven't blogged since early March, and I even missed the theme reveal.

But, I'm NOT giving up! I will do this :-)

So, I thought I'd start out with a funny story in honor of April Fools Day and hopefully lighten the mood a little...

My husband used to be an over the road truck driver, and he used to cross the border into Canada quite frequently. There were several times he was delayed at the border either waiting for customs to approve his paperwork or simply waiting for his company to provide the necessary paperwork. Anyway, one week, his last pick up before coming home for the weekend was in Canada. Now, we both understood this would more than likely delay him getting home, but as long as he did, I was happy. Friday afternoon, he calls. Now, mind you, he was supposed to be home that night. This is our conversation, almost verbatim:

Me: Hello?
Hubby: Hey baby. Doesn't look like I'm going to make it home this weekend.
Me: What? Why not? *getting ready to go off on a rant of epic proportions*
Hubby: I've been detained at the Canadian border.
Me: *anger vanishes & is replaced with absolute fear* Oh my God! Are you serious? Why? What happened?
Hubby: They found out my wife writes porn for a living. *wild laughter*
Me: *silence*
Hubby: Are you still there?
Me: You're a jerk.

For anyone who knows me, you will know two very important things: (1) I do NOT write porn, and (2) my husband has never read a word of anything I've ever written.

Clearly he was doing this just to get a rise out of me. Now, looking back, I can laugh about it, but the range of emotions I experienced back then was intense.

Enjoy the challenge everyone! I'll be back tomorrow with something useful and writing related :-)