Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Editor

I used to think editors were scary people. Larger than life. Untouchable.

Then I became one, and the illusion was shattered.

Yes, editors have the power to make your dreams come true or crush them. But believe me when I say, editors don't like to reject your manuscripts. It really does hurt us, too.

For most, the editing process can be scary and overwhelming. It's my job as an editor to make sure it's not :) I'm a firm believer that the author / editor relationship cannot function or be successful without mutual respect and communication. It truly is a unique situation. You, the author, are trusting me, the editor, with something very close to your heart. You've worked months, maybe even years, on your story and now you're entrusting it to a complete stranger. Personally, I take that very seriously. And for that reason, I always encourage my authors to talk to me. Whenever. About whatever. My virtual door is always open to my authors. 

Have you ever wondered exactly what an editor does? I mean, yeah, you know we editor your books, but what else do we do? 

I can't speak for other presses, but at Anaiah, a Senior Editor is responsible for:
  • Performing developmental/content-level edits and should maintain his/her own list of active authors.
  • Assessing submissions to assigned imprint
  • Meeting editing deadlines
  • Acting as author liaison to the editorial department
  • Maintain an active social media presence (with special emphasis on Twitter)
  • Responsible, engaging blogging is encouraged, but not required
  • Reporting to Executives and Managers as follows:
  • Attend staff meetings (as needed) – in person or via video chat (for telecommuters)
  • Upkeep of department databases and status sheets via the Anaiah Press intranet

Have you ever wanted to be an editor? Do you think you have what it takes? If so, I'd like to hear from you! I'm on the hunt for a few good editors for our Romance (adult) and Surge (YA / NA) Imprints. Interested? Send me an email with your prior editing experiences (preferred but not required), which imprint you prefer, and why you want to work with Anaiah Press. 

Please send to: KaraLeigh.Miller (at) anaiahpress (dot) com