Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TEASER TUESDAY: Katie L. Thompson

Welcome to another installment of TEASER TUESDAY. I'm excited to have the lovely Katie Thompson here with us today. It's been a while since she's visited, and today she'll be sharing an excerpt from her novel, DEATHLY WHITE. 


“My God that’s horrid.” Jamie took a step backwards. “Fancy being murdered on your wedding day. It’s meant to be the happiest day of your life.”
An arm of metal was clamped around the woman’s neck, her body dangled beneath, being pushed back and forth in the strong breeze. Her white dress billowed out around her, splattered with blood and dirt.
“Well, we know for sure she wasn’t killed using the gibbet. Half the parts are missing and these wounds on her neck and shoulder look more like stab wounds,” Carl spoke aloud as he wrote bits down in his notebook.
“Why go to the trouble of bringing a dead woman all the way up here? Anyone could have seen.”
Carl shrugged.
“There’s not much more we can do here,” Danny said. “Take the best photos you can, call someone to take her down to the morgue and see if you can find someone to identify what made those wounds. Jamie and I will go to the wedding, see what we can find out from there.”
The wedding reception looked more like a wake. It was clear from the second they walked through the door that everyone knew what had happened.
A deathly silence fell over the room as people noticed their presence.
“I’m Detective Sergeant Daniel Brookes and this is Detective Inspector Jamie Stanley. We are looking into the supposed death of Mrs Julie Leanne Hayes. Is Mr Hayes here? We’d like to speak to him.” Danny stood on the stage where half an hour earlier a band had been in full swing.
“He’s in the toilet. I don’t think this is the best time to speak to him. At least wait until he comes out.”
Danny nodded. “Well, is Bradley Stance here? We could do with talking to him too.”
Most faces looked blank but a few seemed to recognise the name.
“Haven’t seen him here,” one person shouted.
“Don’t think he was invited. Don’t know why he would’ve been,” someone said from the back of the hall.
“Not seem him for years,” a girl joined in.
“No one mentions him anymore,” a boy near the front of the stage said.
“I’m here,” Bradley shouted.

Everyone went silent and stared at Bradley. After a few seconds people started muttering to one another.


When a bride is stabbed to death on her wedding day, DI Jamie Stanley and the team are called in. They immediately pluck three suspects from the wedding party of over two hundred guests. Why would anyone want to kill a bride on her wedding day?


Katie was born in 1996 and spent the first sixteen years of her life living in Reading, England, until she moved house in 2013. Katie loves the countryside and is happiest when cooped up in a cottage in the country with a stack of books and her laptop. Katie has currently published five romance novels and three murder mystery novellas.

Katie currently works part time in order to support her writing dream. She spends a large amount of time locked away in a room upstairs working on her latest novel and when she isn't doing that she is either reading or walking the family dog.

You can find more about Katie by visiting her website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and on Goodreads.