Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TEASER TUESDAY: Suzanna J. Linton

Welcome to another installment of TEASER TUESDAY. I'm excited to have the lovely Suzanna J. Linton here with us today. She'll be sharing an excerpt from her novel, WILLOWS OF FATE. 


A strange flickering appears at one of the benches, like sunlight flashing through swinging tree branches. It breaks apart and a man sits there. He’s wearing black trousers and a dark blue tunic with a black long-sleeved shirt underneath it. On the tunic is a lion embroidered in bright gold. He wears a heavy gold chain on his wrist and has curly, dirty blond hair. The man gestures for me to join him.

I grip the door handle, focusing on the smooth metal. Closing my eyes, I whisper, “He’s not real. He’s not real.” Opening my eyes, I see that he’s still there. He gestures again.

Something deep in my gut pulls me toward him. There are two choices here and I hesitate, fear and this gut-deep pull ripping my mind in two.

I open the door and step out, the humidity and heat of the day closing around me like a clammy fist.

“Who are you?” I ask, too afraid to come any closer. The door swings closed behind me.

“I’m a friend of Martin,” he replies. Like the man in gold, his accent is strange, with an odd lilt to the words.

“I don’t know who that is.”

“That’s the man in the armor who’s been visiting you.”

I shift from one foot to another. “What do you want?”

“To talk. Will you sit with me?”

“I’m fine where I am.”

“You don’t trust me.” He doesn’t sound very surprised or disappointed.

“My brother is dead and my house was broken into. A man in a hood shot an arrow at me. I’m having a problem trusting anyone I don’t know right now.”
He stands. Not as tall as the armored man, Martin, he’s actually my height. He strolls toward me but stops a couple of feet away. “I’m not going to hurt you, Desdemona.”

“How do you know my name? How did you get here? What was that light? What do you want?

“I know your name because your family is very special. That light was my way of arriving in your world. It’s how Martin arrives.” He holds his hands out. “All I want is what’s best for you. I want you to be safe. There are powerful people after you. You have something they want. If you come with me, I’ll keep you safe.”

Am I imagining this? Is this really happening? Or have I finally lost my mind? If so, then what better place than a mental institution?

“They want something?” I ask. “What? I don’t have anything.”

“You are wrong about that.”

I shake my head. “I have to go. I need to think about this.”

“Think about what? About how your brother was murdered by the men who are after you?”

“But why me? I’m no-one special.”

“You have something special. And there are those who will stop at nothing to get it.”

“Who are you?”


Know thyself...

All her life, Desdemona has seen things others haven't. Dragons, knights, dwarves, kids with three eyes. Heeding her mother's advice, she keeps silent about this and struggles through life, pretending everything is normal.

At her mother's death, Desdemona returns to a home haunted with memories but she is determined to not be shaken from what little normalcy she has. However, when her brother is murdered and she uncovers a family secret, Desdemona realizes that there is more to what she sees. Perhaps a whole other world, one that's willing to kill to have her as its own.


Suzanna Linton became a writer the first day she picked up a pencil, scribbling happily in magazines and books.  Growing up in (very) rural South Carolina, she was steeped in legends and ghost stories and was surrounded by her mother's ever-growing book collection.  She graduated from Francis Marion University with a degree in Professional Writing and bounced from job to job until she landed in a library, where she met her now-husband.  She lives with him in South Carolina with their two dogs and cat.

You can find and contact Suzanna here:

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