Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TEASER TUESDAY: Katie L. Thompson

Welcome to another installment of TEASER TUESDAY. I'm excited to have the lovely Katie Thompson here with us again today. She'll be sharing an excerpt from her novel, CAMERON. 


“What are you day dreaming about?” Megan was at his side.
“Oh, nothing.”
“Is that the same nothing you’ve been thinking about all afternoon? You usually beat all of us at these card games. Today you’ve been absolutely pants.”
“I’ve been pants?” Max laughed.
“Dr. James says at four-to-five months old the foetus will start to respond to loud noises. Simon and I have decided not to use foul language in case the baby can hear.”
At this, Max laughed even more.
“She’s right, Maxwell. The foetus can hear everything you say.”
Max hadn’t noticed his mother enter the room again.
“There is tea and shortbread on the dining room table if anyone wants some,” she said, before walking back out of the room.
Max was still full from dinner, but he followed the others back into the dining room.
“How can you still be hungry?” Max stared at Megan as she tucked into her third bit of shortbread.
“It’s the baby.”
Max grunted. Even before the baby, Megan was known to eat everything in sight.
“Anyway, you never answered my question.”
“Question?” Max decided to play dumb.
“What, or should I say who, have you been day dreaming about all day?”
“It’s not important.”
“Oh, come on. Tell the pregnant woman what’s going on. I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

Max had fallen for Megan’s promises once before. It was just as well it hadn’t been a very large secret, because it was no longer a secret ten minutes later.


With her sister, Daisy, about to get married Cameron Snowdon finds herself swamped with wedding preparation. However, not only does she not have time for a new man in her life, she doesn’t want one. After countless breakups Cameron decides to give up on men altogether. They just aren’t worth the hassle…

Cute, sexy and dependable are just some of the words that Cameron doesn’t want to use to describe Max Runacre, but she soon finds herself falling for the attractive man who is trying to capture her heart. Will Cameron stick to her original plan and give up on men or will she give Max a chance? And how far will she go to protect herself from the inevitable heartache?


Katie was born in 1996 and spent the first sixteen years of her life living in Reading, England, until she moved house in 2013. Katie loves the countryside and is happiest when cooped up in a cottage in the country with a stack of books and her laptop. Katie has currently published five romance novels and three murder mystery novellas.

Katie currently works part time in order to support her writing dream. She spends a large amount of time locked away in a room upstairs working on her latest novel and when she isn't doing that she is either reading or walking the family dog.

You can find more about Katie by visiting her websiteblogTwitterFacebook, and on Goodreads.