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Thursday, January 29th marks the release of
Book III in The Golden Key Legacy...

AJ Nuest
The homecoming celebration held in honor of Princess Faedrah is fraught with perilous frustration. Her nightmares have returned thricefold and, to her horror, a horrendous blight has spread like a plague throughout the kingdom. Compounding her worries, Rhys’ arrival in her world has been welcomed with the exact horror-filled reaction she expected. Her beloved has been cast into the dungeons, and no amount of arguing with the king and queen will prove he’s her fated love.

Magical powers were supposed to be a gift, or so Rhys McEleod had always believed. Too bad the second he landed in Faedrah’s world the legacy he inherited slammed into his body like a weight. He’s got zero control and his constant visions of Faedrah fighting an evil entity aren’t helping. At least her parents made the right decision and stuck him away someplace safe. Until he can figure out his next move, prove himself an ally and uncover the clues to stopping Faedrah’s
nightmares, he’s got no choice but to wait…and learn exactly what he’s become.

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The entire The Golden Key Legacy
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A Furious Muse, Book I...
Since the day of her birth, Princess Faedrah Austiere has been defined by her place within the kingdom. As the single heir to the half-blood gypsy king and his prophesied white queen, she is fiercely protected, shuttered inside an ivory castle and well-trained in the art of war. Yet neither her obligations as future queen nor the black infestation threatening her kingdom fail to hinder the mysterious pull of the antique armoire hidden in her parents’ bedchamber. And stealing the golden key for a leap through time is the only way to confront the dark lord haunting her dreams.

One face. The image of one defiant, relentless woman has been stuck in Rhys McEleod’s head ever since he was old enough paint her luscious curves on the canvas. But the day she walks into his life off the street—sexier than hell and
itching for a fight—he’s not convinced she’s the same women he’s envisioned since childhood. That is, not until he spots the golden key around her neck—an object he’d never fully shown in any of his paintings.

Now if he could just persuade his lovely muse he’s not the enemy. Unless the elusive Faedrah Austiere learns to trust him, he’ll never have her in his bed—the one place he’s convinced she belongs.

~ * ~
The Sacrifice, Book II...
The second Faedrah Austiere walked into his life off the canvas, everything in Rhys McEleod’s world stopped making sense. Not only does her story sound like a Grimm’s fairy tale, evidently he’s been cast as the villain. If that isn’t enough, the mirror inside that old, beat up armoire at her uncle’s condo is
supposedly a doorway to another world. Ever since the pathway opened, something inside him has seemed…off. If what his muse says is true, they are headed for an epic showdown, but he isn’t about to let her go. Nothing is more important than Faedrah’s protection, even if her parents refuse to accept him.

Though certain their fates are bound by more than the golden key Princess Faedrah wears around her neck, it is paramount Rhys’ true identity be kept secret. Should news of his bloodline ever reach her kingdom, their entire quest to save
her people could be lost. Their only hope to prove his loyalty is to steal the map to the dark lord’s Crystal Crypt. Yet her a plan endangers her beloved more than the accusations he faces in her kingdom and, to escape evil’s grasp, she and Rhys must take a leap of faith beyond her wildest imagination. 

Pre-Order the Final Installment in this epic time travel fantasy romance!
Releases February 26th!
Rhys had one job to do. One measly errand that shouldn’t have been a problem, given the nature of his powers. But when an old enemy reappears, detailing the result of his actions, Rhys is forced to make a choice between a future with Faedrah or dying before his time. Frustrated and out of options, he agrees to her suggestion they to leap forward in time to the future…even though a good chance exists his powers will be nothing but a memory in his world. Flying blind on a wing and a prayer, they prepare to fight for everything they love against a wizard of insurmountable power.

Faedrah does her best to gather their closest allies. The sides are squared in a war to control the future of both worlds. With the stakes so high, only one advantage has been cast in their favor. The sigil of utmost protection inherent in Rhys’
signature. If not enough to thwart the evil awaiting at the Austiere gates, she could find herself imprisoned in the future, while her kingdom and all those she has sworn to protect are lost to the mists of time.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Release Day Blitz: Embers of Light

I'm excited to welcome Tammy Farrell to the blog today! She's here to show off her newest release, THE EMBERS OF LIGHT: The Dia Chronicles.

Genre: Adult Historical Fantasy
Release Date: January 28th, 2015

The descendants of the ancient gods think they’ve found peace, but the time has come when new magic and ancient powers will collide…

Stripped of his Dia powers and left to rot, Malcolm is a prisoner of Valenia—a sentence he finds worse than death. His thoughts of revenge are the only thing keeping him sane, but when he finally manages to escape, Malcolm discovers that living as a mortal is more dangerous than he ever imagined. After stealing from the wrong man, Malcolm becomes a captive once more, only this time his punishment is one that he won’t soon forget. His only hope of survival is Seren, an enigmatic young girl with golden eyes and a malevolence to match his own.

When he’s led to Mara and Corbin, the two responsible for his fall from grace, their new faction of Dia is in chaos, infiltrated by an ancient power thought to have been banished forever. This only fuels Malcolm’s ruthless ambitions, but he soon realizes that he too is under attack, a pawn in a centuries old game of power and greed. As new battle lines are drawn, Malcolm finds himself in uncharted waters, forced to choose between helping those he’s vowed to destroy or give in to his lingering desire to settle the score.

Debts will be paid, lives will be lost, and no Dia will ever be the same.


By the time the smell of smoke and roasting meat finally reached Malcolm, and his hole in the ground was completely black, he knew the time was drawing near. The sound of laughter and flutes from above stoked the fires of determination within him, while the repetitive drumbeat counted down the minutes.
His mind wandered as he stared sullenly at the walls of black earth. He clutched his mangled hand to his chest, far too weary for anger. He was humiliated. Over and over again he’d been disgraced, robbed, laughed at. The hardest truth to face was that there still might be more degradation to come. He had wanted everything and succeeded at nothing. Hope was now but a whisper in the past, still carried on the winds, but too distant to hear.
Malcolm pressed his head against the soft earth. He had nothing left to lose and nothing left to love. Even his own mother had become an unseen shadow, abandoning him in his time of need. She was useless to him, as she always had been, and he vowed that if she ever showed herself to him again, he would speak any word that might pierce a mother’s soul.

About the Author:
Tammy Farrell grew up in Orangeville, Ontario Canada where she discovered her love of writing, and all things related to Edgar Allan Poe. She now lives with her husband and six fur babies in Greenville, South Carolina, where she attempts to learn French when she isn’t busy writing.

Learn more about The Dia Chronicles and Tammy Farrell’s other works at:
You can also visit Tammy on Facebook and Twitter

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

{Cover Reveal}: Sachael Dreams by Melody Winter

I'm happy to welcome the lovely Melody Winter to the blog today to reveal the cover of her debut novel, SACHAEL DREAMS! 

So, without further ado.....

Here's what you've been waiting for....

BLURBTwenty-two-year-old Estelle Bailey has had enough of busy city-life and her hot-tempered ex. She escapes to the seclusion and peace of her family’s clifftop home in Ravenscar, where the soothing solitude whispers to her soul as strongly as the sea itself does. But her newfound contentment is interrupted when a mysterious man—a Sachael, master of seduction—joins her midnight swim unexpectedly.

Estelle struggles against his charm and the overpowering attraction she feels for him. He offers her a life she never could have imagined, a life beneath the waves . . . but at what cost? Before she can decide, she’s captured, ensnared by the Sect, a secret enemy of the Sachaels, becoming a pawn in a war she knew nothing about.

Now, she’s left with a new choice—escape the clutches of the Sect and flee into the ocean, or side with her alluring, intimidating captor and destroy the Sachaels forever. Can she turn her back on the man she might love, or will the secret of her heritage change everything?

Set against a picturesque backdrop, Sachael Dreams is the first in a new series, exploring themes of romance, love, and identity, and the struggle that happens when all three collide.

About the Author: Growing up, Melody Winter showed a natural ability in art, a head for maths, and a tendency to write far too long English essays. Difficult to place in the world when she graduated, she pursued a career in teaching, but eventually ended up working in Finance. Melody is convinced the methodical time she spends working with numbers fuels her desire to drift into dream worlds and write about the illusory characters in her head.

Melody Winter lives in North Yorkshire, England, with her husband and two sons. When not dealing with football, rugby, and a whole plethora of ‘boy’ activities, she will be found scribbling notes for her stories, or preparing for another trip to the beach. With an obsession for anything mythical, Melody revels in reading and writing about such creatures. In fact, if she wasn’t such a terrible swimmer, she’d say she was a mermaid.

You can find Melody on Facebook, Twitter, and her website.

Monday, January 12, 2015

{Book Review}: Time Out, Valentine

Title: Time Out, Valentine
Author: Melinda Dozier
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: January 21, 2015
Kara's Rating:   4.0 Kicks to the Heart

Blurb: Lexi’s life is one big dump. Or so she thinks. To keep her mind off her latest breakup, she stays busy with work. It’s no big deal, since writing for Time Out Portland Magazine is a blast…except for the one small snag – Grant Reeds. Grant, a shy but sexy computer geek, is new to Time Out, working as the Networking Director for the online magazine. Even though Lexi thinks he doesn’t notice her, he sure as hell does. The owners have a plan for their upcoming Valentine’s Special, pairing up the two to explore romantic date ideas around the city. Soon, Lexi and Grant learn that the old adage, “Opposites Attract,” can ring true.

Kara's Review:  Right from page one, I connected with Lexi. At the start of the story, she's typing a list of snarky comebacks that she wished she would've said when her boyfriend dumped her the night before. I can totally relate to that as I'm never able to think on my feet and come up with a witty comeback. lol. The love interest, Grant, was super sexy, and I thought he was a prefect match for Lexi. The two got along very well, and the chemistry between them was fantastic. They have cutesy nicknames for each other, too, which was adorable the first few times they were used. But I felt they were overused at times. 

It is a novella, so I expected the story to progress quickly, and it did! But despite the fast pace, it was very narrative heavy. I would've liked to have a bit more action, maybe some more dialogue, too. I was also expecting the back and forth between Grant and Lexi to progress and be drawn out more, to have that sexual tension carry us through most of the story, but it didn't. There was a bit of tension between them at the start, but they were quickly getting past it and hooking up. Don't get me wrong, their time together was H.O.T., but I personally love the "love to hate and hate to love" dynamic, and having read Melinda's others books, she's a master at this. I was really hoping there would've been more of it in this book, too. 

Overall, Time Out, Valentine is a fun, heartfelt, feel good book. It's a great, quick read for a lazy afternoon or a cold evening curled up in bed. I highly recommend it. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

The "Rules" of Co-Writing

For anyone who has followed me anywhere on social media, you'll know I've been doing a lot of co-authoring recently, and I'm constantly being asked how it works and what the process is. So, I figured it was time to share the secrets of my success.

The first time I ever wrote with other authors was back in 2013 when I collaborated with Aria Kane, Melinda Dozier, and Ana Blaze on LOVE AND OTHER GAMES. Each of us wrote our own 20k novella and tied them all together with a common setting and theme. While we were all responsible for our own stories and characters, we worked very closely together to brainstorm the idea, ensure they stories were all linked, and to make sure none of us wrote anything too similar. It was one of the best experiences I've had as an author and couldn't wait to do it again.

At the start of 2014, I hosted the Anaiah Press Co-Author Contest in which I picked one lucky author to co-write and publish an adult romance book with me. Then, later in 2014, I was approached by David Jemal and asked to work on a new series of books, this time a YA dystopian thriller. This was completely different than my previous experience because me and this "stranger" would be working on the same book...together. {GASP!} We would have to merge our voices and writing styles, come to agreements on everything related to the characters, plot, conflict, etc. And once we did all that, we then had to decide who was going to write what.

So, how do we do it without wanting to rip our hair out, scream at each other, scrap the project and give up on writing for the rest of our lives? Here are my top 5 "rules" for co-writing a book:

1. Communicate. I cannot stress this enough. If you and your co-author aren't able or willing to talk to each other, then the project is doomed from the start. Talk often. Talk about everything, even things unrelated to the book. Become friends.

2. Negotiate. There are going to be times when you and your co-author don't agree on something. It's inevitable. You have to be willing to negotiate. Find a compromise you can both be happy with, and then move on. Don't pout because you didn't get your way. Just let it go! For example, during the editorial process for DANGEROUS LOVE, there was a scene I had written where Dr. Parker falls to his knees. Our editor and Jody felt it was too much and should be removed. I'll admit, I tried to defend that scene. lol. But in the end, I realized I needed to compromise. So I did, and now that scene is much stronger as a result.

3. Establish Expectations. Every author has their own processes and methods and abilities to work at different speeds. Figure out what they are, and then set reasonable expectations. If this is the only project your co-author has at the time and you have several, then be honest about how much time you can devote to this project. If you can only write one chapter a week, then say so. If your co-author can and will write more, then so be it. On this point, I do recommend balancing the workload. If one author is writing more than the other, then the other should do something later to compensate. For example, while writing INFERNO with David, he wrote a majority of the first draft due to other commitments I had. So, to balance things out, I handled writing the query letter, synopsis, and a bulk of the edits.

4. Check your ego at the door. There's no room for it in a partnership like this. Yes you need to believe in what you're writing, but not so much so that you think every single word you put on the page is golden. You have to be willing to allow your co-author the freedom to make suggestions and even change your words at times. It will sting a little at first, but trust me, in the end, you will have a more cohesive, well written story.

5. Have fun! Not everyone can write a book with another person. It takes a lot of patience and a willingness to be flexible. So, if you can do it, have fun! Brainstorm crazy ideas and laugh about them. Joke about the mistakes you both make -- because you will make them  -- and congratulate each other when you write that perfect line or work through that major plot hole.

As any author knows, writing a book is a very personal, solitary experience. To open yourself up and share the entire process with someone else is nerve wracking and terrifying. But having done it a few times now, I wouldn't trade it for anything! I've made a couple of wonderful friends as a a result and have written new books I am so proud of.

Have you ever co-written a book? What worked or didn't work for you? 
Share your experiences in the comments!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kara's 2015 Goals


It's officially 2015 and we all know what that means...

1. REVISE & EDIT This year I have three full length books and one (maybe 2 novellas) releasing. Edits on one of the full length books is completed. I still have edits on the rest of them due, so my goal is to get through all of them without making myself crazy. lol. In addition, I want to finish editing and revising: 

  • The sequel to The Georgia Corbins
  • Fiery Lotus, the sequel to my adult romantic suspense, Deadly Orchid

2. OUTLINE I cannot begin to tell you how many half-started projects I have. When I really think about it, it becomes very overwhelming. I know there's no way I can ever finish all of them within a single year, but I would like to get chapter-by-chapter outlines written for some of them so when I am ready to begin writing, I can get to work. 

  • The third book in The Georgia Corbins series -- currently untitled
  • A YA paranormal with an entirely new species of characters -- currently untitled
  • An epic romance that will break all the rules of the genre -- currently untitled
  • A YA paranormal with angels / demons -- currently untitled
  • Broken Love -- the third book I'm co-writing with Jody Holford
  • Blood Blossom -- the third book in my adult romantic suspense series

Maybe I need to add: Find titles for all my books to my goal list, huh? lol

3. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE I've got a lot of writing to do this year. Let me see....

  • Resistance -- the sequel to Inferno (with David Jemal)
  • Jaded Love -- the spin-off from Dangerous Love (with Jody Holford)
  • The Georgia Corbins prequel (about 24k)

4. BLOG Yeah, yeah, I know. This is my goal every year. I was doing very well at the start of 2014, but then family issues stopped me cold, and I eventually gave up. However, I know my eyes were too big for my stomach last year. Instead of trying to blog once or twice a week, I'm going to be a bit more realistic and aim for once or twice a month. 

5. READ & REVIEW With all my writing and editing commitments, I tend to push pleasurable reading to the very bottom of my list. This needs to stop. So, I would like to read one book a month and review it here on my blog. Please note: This does NOT mean I'm open to review requests nor will I cross post reviews anywhere else. This is simply for me to get back in the habit of reading books just for the sake of reading them. This will be enjoyable for me ;) 

6. ATTEND RWA The Romance Writers of America National Conference is being hosted in my home state this year. I have to go! Not to mention, I can't wait to get together with my girls from RT2014 and hang out again. I miss all of them so much. While there, I hope to have a launch party for Inferno and do some in-person signings. 

7. BUILD A SUCCESSFUL FREELANCE BUSINESS Stay tuned for more information on the services I'll offer and prices! 

It's going to be a busy year! 
What are your goals / resolutions for 2015?