Monday, January 12, 2015

{Book Review}: Time Out, Valentine

Title: Time Out, Valentine
Author: Melinda Dozier
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: January 21, 2015
Kara's Rating:   4.0 Kicks to the Heart

Blurb: Lexi’s life is one big dump. Or so she thinks. To keep her mind off her latest breakup, she stays busy with work. It’s no big deal, since writing for Time Out Portland Magazine is a blast…except for the one small snag – Grant Reeds. Grant, a shy but sexy computer geek, is new to Time Out, working as the Networking Director for the online magazine. Even though Lexi thinks he doesn’t notice her, he sure as hell does. The owners have a plan for their upcoming Valentine’s Special, pairing up the two to explore romantic date ideas around the city. Soon, Lexi and Grant learn that the old adage, “Opposites Attract,” can ring true.

Kara's Review:  Right from page one, I connected with Lexi. At the start of the story, she's typing a list of snarky comebacks that she wished she would've said when her boyfriend dumped her the night before. I can totally relate to that as I'm never able to think on my feet and come up with a witty comeback. lol. The love interest, Grant, was super sexy, and I thought he was a prefect match for Lexi. The two got along very well, and the chemistry between them was fantastic. They have cutesy nicknames for each other, too, which was adorable the first few times they were used. But I felt they were overused at times. 

It is a novella, so I expected the story to progress quickly, and it did! But despite the fast pace, it was very narrative heavy. I would've liked to have a bit more action, maybe some more dialogue, too. I was also expecting the back and forth between Grant and Lexi to progress and be drawn out more, to have that sexual tension carry us through most of the story, but it didn't. There was a bit of tension between them at the start, but they were quickly getting past it and hooking up. Don't get me wrong, their time together was H.O.T., but I personally love the "love to hate and hate to love" dynamic, and having read Melinda's others books, she's a master at this. I was really hoping there would've been more of it in this book, too. 

Overall, Time Out, Valentine is a fun, heartfelt, feel good book. It's a great, quick read for a lazy afternoon or a cold evening curled up in bed. I highly recommend it.