Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kara's 2015 Goals


It's officially 2015 and we all know what that means...

1. REVISE & EDIT This year I have three full length books and one (maybe 2 novellas) releasing. Edits on one of the full length books is completed. I still have edits on the rest of them due, so my goal is to get through all of them without making myself crazy. lol. In addition, I want to finish editing and revising: 

  • The sequel to The Georgia Corbins
  • Fiery Lotus, the sequel to my adult romantic suspense, Deadly Orchid

2. OUTLINE I cannot begin to tell you how many half-started projects I have. When I really think about it, it becomes very overwhelming. I know there's no way I can ever finish all of them within a single year, but I would like to get chapter-by-chapter outlines written for some of them so when I am ready to begin writing, I can get to work. 

  • The third book in The Georgia Corbins series -- currently untitled
  • A YA paranormal with an entirely new species of characters -- currently untitled
  • An epic romance that will break all the rules of the genre -- currently untitled
  • A YA paranormal with angels / demons -- currently untitled
  • Broken Love -- the third book I'm co-writing with Jody Holford
  • Blood Blossom -- the third book in my adult romantic suspense series

Maybe I need to add: Find titles for all my books to my goal list, huh? lol

3. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE I've got a lot of writing to do this year. Let me see....

  • Resistance -- the sequel to Inferno (with David Jemal)
  • Jaded Love -- the spin-off from Dangerous Love (with Jody Holford)
  • The Georgia Corbins prequel (about 24k)

4. BLOG Yeah, yeah, I know. This is my goal every year. I was doing very well at the start of 2014, but then family issues stopped me cold, and I eventually gave up. However, I know my eyes were too big for my stomach last year. Instead of trying to blog once or twice a week, I'm going to be a bit more realistic and aim for once or twice a month. 

5. READ & REVIEW With all my writing and editing commitments, I tend to push pleasurable reading to the very bottom of my list. This needs to stop. So, I would like to read one book a month and review it here on my blog. Please note: This does NOT mean I'm open to review requests nor will I cross post reviews anywhere else. This is simply for me to get back in the habit of reading books just for the sake of reading them. This will be enjoyable for me ;) 

6. ATTEND RWA The Romance Writers of America National Conference is being hosted in my home state this year. I have to go! Not to mention, I can't wait to get together with my girls from RT2014 and hang out again. I miss all of them so much. While there, I hope to have a launch party for Inferno and do some in-person signings. 

7. BUILD A SUCCESSFUL FREELANCE BUSINESS Stay tuned for more information on the services I'll offer and prices! 

It's going to be a busy year! 
What are your goals / resolutions for 2015?