Monday, February 2, 2015

{Book Review} Breathless

Title: Breathless
Author: Krista McLaughlin
Genre: YA Romance / Paranormal
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: 2014
Kara's Rating:   4.0 Kicks to the Heart

Blurb: Eighteen-year-old Lainey is the only witness to her best friend losing her life to the depths of the ocean. She stays close to the water, a small part of her hoping to surrender to the same fate. On her birthday the waters almost overtake her, but a mysterious young man rescues her and disappears. 

Lainey can't stop thinking about the stranger from the beach, and one night she finds her rescuer naked and bleeding on the shore. Jon doesn’t know what pancakes taste like, how microwave popcorn cooks, or own shoes, but he seems to be just what Lainey needs. As the anniversary of her friend’s death looms, Lainey opens herself in ways she never thought possible. But when Jon’s identity comes to light, Lainey has to save him before she loses another love to the sea.

Kara's Review:  At the start, Lainey was a stereotypical moody teenager. Normally, this would bother me. lol. But she had a very good reason: She'd lost her best friend, watched her drown in the ocean. That would definitely mess with anyone's mind. I could really feel Lainey's loss and pain, which was great. She was a well rounded, flawed, likable character. 

I really liked Jon, too. He was a great love interest for Lainey. He was patient with her, caring, and was able to get her to open up and let go of some of her grief and guilt. Throughout the book, they saved each other more than once, which was sweet.  Unfortunately, Jon isn't who he seems. 

I was able to figure out Jon's secret early on, which kind of took the surprise and punch out of the big reveal, but it wasn't anything too bad to ruin my enjoyment of the story. The entire story was told in 3rd person (my favorite POV), but it was all from Lainey's POV. From a storytelling perspective, I can understand why this was done. However, once Jon's true identity was revealed, I really would've liked to have gotten his POV. It would've added another layer to the story. Some of the secondary characters' reactions were a tad unbelievable to me, and more than once the conflict was too easily resolved. 

Overall, it was a sweet, quick read, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes sweet romance with a slight paranormal twist. 

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