Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Welcome to another installment of TEASER TUESDAY. I'm excited to have the lovely Melody Winter here with us again today. She'll be sharing an excerpt from her novel, Sachael Dreams. 


He looked up, hesitant, as if worried of my reaction. “I calmed you. I told you we could calm people.”
I knew that, but this was definitely more powerful—it was consuming.
“The ability is somewhat weakened through dreams. You have just felt the full force. Face to face, skin to skin, it is infinitely greater.”
“It’s more though, isn’t it? It wasn’t just calmness.” I’d experienced an overwhelming attraction to him—one that defied all logic. It was a need so deep within me that it took control of every part of me.
He nodded, narrowing his eyes. “Sachael’s can seduce humans very easily.”
“You were trying to seduce me?”  I backed away from him. I didn’t like the way I’d lost control of my actions.
“No, not intentionally. It seems I do not know how to control my own powers, to keep them to myself. Please forgive me if I startled you with my embrace. I was merely trying to calm and comfort you.”
I eyed him nervously. Did I believe him? Could I trust him? I didn’t know. It would be best to be cautious around him—at least until I got to know him better.
“Come, we will walk back to the beach. I fear I have given you lots to think upon.”
“Just a bit.”
He sprang to his feet, waiting for me to join him. We walked back toward the sands, and I was aware of his gaze constantly on me. When I turned to look at him, he smiled, although it wasn’t a convincing smile—he still seemed worried.
“Tell me about your trip to York. Is it far to go?” he asked.
“I need to catch a bus to Scarborough, and then a train to York.”
He visibly shuddered. “I think you are incredibly brave. I could never come to land and travel by either of those modes of transport.”
“I’m not keen on them, either. I don’t like being away from here, but the trip is a necessity.”
“I wish I could come and see you tomorrow, before your trip, but it is not possible. May I come and visit you in your dreams during the night? I will worry.”
I wasn’t used to having someone worry about me. I was always the worrier, the responsible one.
“But didn’t you say you had to stay in Saicean tomorrow?”
“I did, and I do. But not in the evening. I will leave as soon as possible and come talk to you.”
“I’d like that. It gives me something to look forward to.”
“Do not worry about your trip. It is only one day, and then you will be back in Ravenscar. I
shall talk to you in your dreams, but I will not stay for too long. I imagine you will be tired.”
“But you’ll still come?”
“Of course. How can I not?”
He took my hand in his, and I experienced the now familiar jolt of warmth. Was this what he had been referring to—he said when he touched me, his abilities were more powerful?
“And are you free to meet the day after your trip?” he asked. His insistence surprised me.
“Then it is a, what do you say . . . a date?” His eyes crinkled at the corners, and he straightened, looking extremely proud of finding the word he’d been searching for. I laughed at his expression, and he grinned.
“Your world is new to me, Estelle. I am limited by what I can learn from books.”
“It’s not a problem. Anything you don’t understand, I’ll explain.”
“So, am I correct, with our ‘date’?”
“And you agree?”
“Yes. I would love to spend some time with you on the beach.”
He smiled, looking genuinely pleased with the outcome of his suggestion. I failed to understand how he ever thought I could refuse him. He’d already found a place in my heart—so quickly, and without question. Was this part of his seduction power? I took a deep breath and promised myself I would think this through when I was away from him. I was too confused at the moment, unable to trust my instincts as my own.
As soon as we were back on the sand, he became serious.
“Go straight home, Estelle. It will soon be dark.”
He raised my hand to his lips and kissed the back of it. My heart somersaulted and beat at an alarming rate.
“Did you search for information on Andromeda?” he asked, as if he didn’t realize what his action caused my body to experience.
I shook my head, unable to respond. With everything that had happened, I had completely forgotten about the constellation and the star he’d chosen for me.
“Do not search for information on her. I intend to spend a night on the beach with you soon.
I will point your star out to you, and tell you Andromeda’s story. You promise not to look?” he asked.
I nodded, curious as to what he would tell me, and taken aback by his suggestion of a night
on the beach. The last time I’d done that was with my father.
He slowly backed away, looking unsettled, as if he was debating something in his mind.
“Go straight home, Estelle. Go,” he urged.
Our joined hands pulled apart as he edged further away, and the hypnotizing haze my body had been under dissolved. I didn’t want him to go. It was wrong for him to be leaving when we had spent such a short time together.
He turned and effortlessly sprang onto the rocks we’d climbed over. I presumed he was heading back to the spot we had been sitting at a few moments ago, but he continued walking further out, to the very edge of the last rock in the formation. He stopped and turned to look at me before diving fluidly into the water.
I was stunned and overpowered by the emotions that surged through me when he disappeared. It was as if he had never been here. I shivered, cold. Someone was watching me again.
I looked across the beach before glancing to the cliffs. The light was subdued, and the sun was starting to set, but there was clearly a figure standing on the top of the cliff. They were wearing a long cloak that blew in the ever present wind and made no effort to move as I stared at them. Though they were too far away for me to see their face, I knew our eyes had locked.
Looking away, I moved hastily across the sands, wanting to get home. Relieved that the figure was standing on the opposite side of the bay from the track I needed to climb, I hurried, making my way to the relative cover offered by the cliff. Only when I reached the bottom of the track did I allow myself a sneaky glance back.
The black cloaked figure had gone. No one was there.


Twenty-two-year-old Estelle Bailey has had enough of busy city-life and her hot-tempered ex. She escapes to the seclusion and peace of her family’s clifftop home in Ravenscar, where the soothing solitude whispers to her soul as strongly as the sea itself does. But her newfound contentment is interrupted when a mysterious man—a Sachael, master of seduction—joins her midnight swim unexpectedly.

Estelle struggles against his charm and the overpowering attraction she feels for him. He offers her a life she never could have imagined, a life beneath the waves . . . but at what cost? Before she can decide, she’s captured, ensnared by the Sect, a secret enemy of the Sachaels, becoming a pawn in a war she knew nothing about.

Now, she’s left with a new choice—escape the clutches of the Sect and flee into the ocean, or side with her alluring, intimidating captor and destroy the Sachaels forever. Can she turn her back on the man she might love, or will the secret of her heritage change everything?

Set against a picturesque backdrop, Sachael Dreams is the first in a new series, exploring themes of romance, love, and identity, and the struggle that happens when all three collide.

Growing up, Melody Winter showed a natural ability in art, a head for maths, and a tendency to write far too long English essays. Difficult to place in the world when she graduated, she pursued a career in teaching, but eventually ended up working in Finance. Melody is convinced the methodical time she spends working with numbers fuels her desire to drift into dream worlds and write about the illusory characters in her head.

Melody Winter lives in North Yorkshire, England, with her husband and two sons. When not dealing with football, rugby, and a whole plethora of ‘boy’ activities, she will be found scribbling notes for her stories, or preparing for another trip to the beach. With an obsession for anything mythical, Melody revels in reading and writing about such creatures. In fact, if she wasn’t such a terrible swimmer, she’d say she was a mermaid.

You can find Melody on Facebook, Twitter, and her website..