Monday, April 27, 2015

Confessions from the Editing Cave with Stacey Graham

Welcome to another installment of Confessions from the Editing Cave. Up today -- non-fiction author of creepy, scary stuff, Stacey Graham!

1. Tell us a bit about your background working with editor(s). Did you hire a freelance editor? Work with an editor at a publishing house? Work with an agent in the capacity of an editor? All of the above or some other combination?
I've worked with editors at publishing houses for all four books/tarot deck and the short stories.

2. What was your overall relationship with your editor? Good? Bad? Indifferent?
Each editor had their own way of working with me as the author. Some were very hands on and later added their own contributions to the project (ahem), while others were ready to let me run free and responded with edits and suggestions after the manuscript was turned in. I'm pretty easy to work with and don't fuss over changes if I think they benefit the project as a whole. 

3. What was the best edit you’ve ever received from your editor?
I like editors that squeeze a bit more out of me. They want that extra bit that I swear I'll never give -- a new chapter, a little more description at the beginning of a chapter before I dive into haunted object stories, or buffing out the conclusion. Good editors know when to push and when to say "That'll do, pig. That'll do."

4. What was the worst edit you’ve ever received from your editor?
One of my editors was looking for a certain slant to a project but I didn't realize it until I'd re-written it three times. After we finally connected, the project was smoother but much less of my original idea. I also had an copy editor on a short story that hated it. Haaaaaaaaaaaated it. So much so that he blasted nearly every line with nitpicks and I had to fight to keep my story in the anthology. I won. 

5. What was your first, initial, gut-reaction to your edits?
Most of my work is nonfiction so I appreciate the backup in double-checking sources and making my writing stronger. I don't take it personally when they don't like a section since through their eyes, I can see what needs to be explained better and smooth out rough edges for readers.

6. Confession time! Share anything else you’d like to confess. 
A wise writer never kisses and tells.  ;)


Stacey Graham is the author of four books and a rag-tag collection of short stories. You may currently find her scaring the pants off of readers with her latest creepy books. She intends on returning the pants at a later date.

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