Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TEASER TUESDAY with Sharon Struth

Welcome to another installment of TEASER TUESDAY. I'm excited to have the lovely Sharon Struth here with us today. She'll be sharing an excerpt from her contemporary romance, SHARE THE MOON


“Hi, Teresa.” Bernadette yelled, loud enough for a few other heads to turn.
Teresa’s perfectly-plucked brows arched in unison. “Hello, ladies. Enjoy the karaoke.”

“You, too,” they all chimed.

“Wonder where Lucy is tonight.” Sophie seethed, remembering the church kitchen, and how she swooped in and swiped Duncan from her grip. “I thought they traveled in a pair.”

“Like us.” Bernadette cracked a grin.

“Sort of. But we’re nicer.”

“Speaking of Lucy…” Veronica’s words trailed.

Sophie reached for a nacho but stopped an inch from the plate and followed Veronica’s gaze. Lucy sashayed to Teresa’s table, Duncan in tow. While Teresa introduced Duncan to another couple, Lucy brushed against his arm, close, the way an animal staked their territory. She’d dressed to kill in a short denim skirt, knee high black stiletto-heeled boots, and a tight T-shirt that read “What Happens Under the Mistletoe, Stays Under the Mistletoe.”

Duncan shook hands with the others. Dressed in his pressed khakis and a light pink and white striped oxford, he was approachable, gorgeous, and desirable. Sophie squirmed in her seat. Yes, they made a lovely couple.
Sophie’s hunger disappeared, both for the nacho and Duncan. A lump settled in her throat, one she hoped nobody noticed but felt so large she was certain everyone did.
She’d been an idiot. The truth bruised. Duncan viewed her only as a reporter.
In a hushed voice, Bernadette said, “What a phony bastard. He was all—”

Sophie rested her hand on Bernadette’s arm. “At least we know. I won’t have to endure the embarrassment of what that lying lawyer did to me.”

Rage swelled, replacing the ache in her chest. She’d been a passive participant in the fight for her land up until now. One card she hadn’t played always seemed wrong: telling Duncan about Henry’s death on the land he wanted. Maybe the time had come to put the card in play.

From across the room she studied the man who kept stealing little pieces of her soul. He laughed at something Lucy said to the entire table. The lump in her throat forced itself down and crushed her heart.

She wanted Duncan to feel like a schmuck and knew exactly what she needed to do.

"Heart-tugging small town romance with real emotion.
Struth is an author to watch!"
—Laura Drake, author of RITA-award winning The Sweet Spot

Sometimes trust is the toughest lesson to learn.

Sophie Shaw is days away from signing a contract that will fulfill her dream of owning a vineyard. For her, it’s a chance to restart her life and put past tragedies to rest. But Duncan Jamieson’s counter offer blows hers out to sea.

Duncan still finds Sophie as appealing as he had during boyhood vacations to the lake. Older and wiser now, he has his own reasons for wanting the land. His offer, however, hinges on a zoning change approval.

Bribery rumors threaten the deal and make Sophie wary of Duncan, yet she cannot deny his appeal. When her journalistic research uncovers a Jamieson family secret, trust becomes the hardest lesson for them both.

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Sharon Struth is an award-winning author who believes it’s never too late for a second chance in love or life. When she’s not writing, she and her husband happily sip their way through the scenic towns of the Connecticut Wine Trail. Sharon writes from the small town of Bethel, Connecticut, the friendliest place she’s ever lived.

SHARE THE MOON, book one in the Blue Moon Lake Romances, is a finalist for a RONE Award and a Chatelaine Award for Romantic Fiction! Visit her webpage at www.sharonstruth.com