Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jennifer Novotney on.... Writing Series

I'm happy to welcome Jennifer Novotney to the blog today. The second book in her Winter in the Souls Series, INFINITE SPRING, is now out in the world and she agreed to talk about her process for writing a series.

When I first started writing Winter in the Soul, I never intended to begin a series. I simply had an idea for a book and began writing. But after the first book was complete, I realized that this story would continue. That’s when the idea for the series came about. At first, I wasn’t sure how many books would be in the series or how far it would go. Yet, as the second book was well underway, I planned to have four books, one for each season.

The titles of the books are acronyms. Winter in the Soul is WITS and Infinite Spring has the abbreviation IS. The acronyms for the books will eventually spell out a sentence. This sentence will reveal something very important about the series, which will be exciting for readers when the fourth book comes out.

Typically, I plan one book at a time. With a series, I do have to alter my plans a little bit. I have to think about where the characters are going and where I want them to end up in the fourth book, so there is a bit of planning out ahead of time. Now that the second book is complete and the third book is well underway, this is where the real planning happens. I think the end of the series needs to be quite satisfying and so that does take some forethought and outlining.

I was once asked if I am a pantser or a plotter. In other words, do I fly by the seat of my pants and just write or do I plot things out carefully beforehand? While I once was a pantser, writing a series really demand that I become a plotter.

As the Black Kingdom spreads, Lilika attempts to save the land from destruction. But is it too late?

With the golden forsythia in hand, Lilika and Talon must work together to plant it before powerful Cyperus and his mallow close in on Summer Harvest and Spring Bloom. Transformed by her recent discoveries, Lilika puts her own safety at risk in hopes of taking down the Black Kingdom. She is their only hope at redemption and the only one with the knowledge to defeat them.

In this breathtaking fantasy sequel to Winter in the Soul, Lilika finds herself trapped in the grip of the Black Kingdom where one mistake could cost her everything, but the right move just might save everyone she loves.

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Jennifer Novotney is the author of the Winter in the Soul series. She was a 2014 recipient of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. Jennifer grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended Northern Arizona University, graduating with highest honors in English. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter.

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