Tuesday, December 8, 2015

{TEASER TUESDAY}: Death of a Waterfall 2

"What're they doing over there?" Annabelle asked.

"I don't know." Teghan walked toward them. That's when she saw him. He was leaning on the hood of a royal blue Aston Martin One-77, arms crossed over his chest, one ankle crossed over the other. He was gorgeous. No, he went beyond gorgeous. He was magnificent. So was his car. At least, she guessed it was his car.

"Wow!" Annabelle whispered.

"I know," Teghan said. But she didn't know. Was Annabelle talking about the two million dollar car or the guy? Not that it really mattered. Teghan couldn't take her eyes off him.

        Dressed in navy blue dress pants and a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, he was the poster boy for California--tall, athletic, slim yet beautifully muscular with biceps the size of coconuts and a six pack to make Coca-Cola envious. He had naturally short blond hair with a hint of a spike to it, blue eyes deeper than the sea, but just as dangerous. A tiny gold hoop earring graced the corner of his right eyebrow, and his skin looked as though it had been kissed by the sun, tanned to perfection. A bronzed image of a Greek God--that's what he was.

"Stop drooling." Harmonie laughed.

Teghan shook her head and forced herself to look away, but as she did, she locked eyes with that guy. He smiled. Oh sweet Jesus have mercy on her. She wondered if it was bad manners to melt into a puddle at his feet.

**Copyright Kara Leigh Miller 2015**