Sunday, January 31, 2016

GOALS CHECK: January 2016

Last year, I wrote out all my goals and then didn't look back on them until it was time to write new ones. This year, I want to hold myself more accountable, so the last day of each month, I'm going to do a Goals Check post to see how I'm doing. I'm pretty sure no one but me actually cares about this, but writing it down publicly makes me more likely to follow through with what I said I was going to do. So, here goes...

Goal: Finish Book 2 of The Hayden Falls Saga (the sequel to Death of a Waterfall)
Status: Still Unfinished

Goal: Finish Book 3 of The Hayden Falls Saga
Status: Still Unfinished

Goal: Finish Tainted: The Georgia Corbins, Book 3
Status: Still Unfinished

Goal: Finish Savage Passion
Status: On Hold -- This was originally a planned book 2 of a series that I was rewriting to become book 1 of a new series. However, I recently had rights reverted to book 1 so now I'm going to revert Savage Passion back to book 2 IF book 1 sells. I'm happy to say the full of book 1 is with another editor at a publisher that I would love to work with. So, fingers crossed!! As soon as I get word on book 1, I'll revisit this goal an see what I want / need to do with Savage Passion.

Goal: Finish Warped Remains
Status: On Hold -- Due to my co-authors current schedule, we've decided to wait on this project until we're both ready to give it the time it deserves. He's very busy with college classes, which is super important so I'm really okay with this choice.

Goal: Finish Hallowed Ground (Graves Barren, Book 1)
Status: Half-Finished -- When I added this to my goals list, I was sitting at 35k words. I'm now at 57k words :) I also: outlined the rest of the book so I know exactly where it's going, created an agent query list, wrote the query letter and synopsis.

Goal: Finish Eternally Bound (The Restani Clan, Book 1)
Status: Still Unfinished

Goal: Finish The First Snowfall
Status: Still Unfinished

Goal: Finish Resistance (the sequel to Inferno)
Status: Still Unfinished

Goal: Get Creative and come up with some new ideas for my agent
Status: On-going -- I have come up with TWO new ideas. One is a romantic suspense series that will follow the same couple through two (maybe three) books and deals with WITSEC (the federal witness protection program). The other idea is a collaboration with Jody Holford (my co-author of Dangerous Love and Jaded Love).  This is a contemporary romance that I'm SO excited about. I promise more details will come soon.

Goal: Do one or more things every day to promote me and my books.
Status: On-going -- I haven't done something every single day, but I have been much better about sharing my books. Plus, with a new release on the horizon, I am getting out there more.

Goal: Find and join a new writers group.
Status: Half-finished! I located a local writers group that meets once a month. I have not attended a meeting yet. My daughter has been visiting from NY, so my time has been better spent with her. But I will check things out in February.

Goal: Keep bloggin'
Status: On-going -- I have been pretty good about posting weekly this month, and I hope I can continue throughout the year. In an effort to motivate myself, I even joined the A to Z Blogging Challenge!

I know it seems as though I haven't done much work toward my goals, but I have been busy. I completed two freelance jobs this month, read three manuscripts for developmental edits, along with helping fellow writer, Tiffany Hoffman, get her new writing contest organized and running. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons (good reasons), I am no longer involved with the contest.

Here's to wishing everyone a successful and productive February!