Thursday, November 2, 2017

Gratitude, Good News, and Going in a New Direction

It's been an interesting few weeks, to say the least. The response to my last blog post has been overwhelming! The outpouring of support has blown my mind--I've had so many people reach out to me to encourage me not to give up (which, for the record, I'm not!) and share their own stories with me. And it was all of these heartfelt messages that reminded me why I love the writing community so much. From the very bottom of my heart...

A year or so ago, I co-wrote a YA thriller that we pitched as LOST meets AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. We've been querying it on-and-off. Two days after my last blog post, two days after I made the decision to focus on writing YA, we got a partial request from an agent! I know. It's not an offer--not even close--and it ultimately ended in a very encouraging rejection, but you know what? It was the sign I needed that I'd made the right decision and that I'm on the right path. So, I'm counting this as a win.

About four years ago, I started a YA. Throughout the years, I worked on it here and there, but it was never my priority. Why? Because it was something just for me--a stress-free fun project I never had any intentions of sharing with anyone. I guess you could call it fan-fiction. (Any guesses on what book I love enough to write fan-fic?!?!) Over the years, the story has morphed into something different and unique, and it would be a stretch to call it fan-fic now.

Recently, I opened the doc and read it. And to my surprise, it was GOOD! And so I began to write a bit more of it--purely for fun. I'm both a bit shocked and super thrilled to say I'm enjoying it. A lot. Writing this doesn't feel like a chore or work--it's FUN! Right now, my plan is to stick with it until I run out of steam, but I have no plans or expectations for it.

In addition to focusing on YA instead of romance, I'm doing some other new things...

1.) As you can see, I'm in the process of re-branding my website / blog to fit with my new direction. I know, it looks pretty bland right now--it's still a work in progress. I hope to have it all sparkly and new by the end of the year.

2.) I'm going to blog more. Now, before you laugh and remind me that I say this every single year, hear me out... I've been reading a lot more, and I've decided I'm going to blog about the books I'm reading. I'm also going to blog about my journey to finding a new agent and (hopefully) a new publishing deal.

3.) I'm toying with pen names. Should I wipe the slate clean and use a new one? Should I just write as Kara? Should I use my legal name? Which, by the way, is not very publishing friendly. What do you think?

Well,there you have it. I hope y'all will stick around during this new journey--I'm sure it's going to be a wild ride!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Getting Up When All You Want To Do Is Stay Down

As I sit here staring at this page, I have no idea where to even begin.... I suppose I should start by saying I never dreamed I'd ever have to write a post like this. And I pray no other author will ever have to go through what I'm about to explain, but sadly, I know how unrealistic that is. My hope is that this post will help someone in someway. So, here goes...

I have a super secret pen name--although, it's not that big of a secret. If you dig hard enough, you'll figure it out. In 2015, under this pen name, my agent got me a three-book deal. I'm sure you can imagine my excitement. Shortly after, I began working with my editor to get the book publication ready, and let me tell you: the edits were intense! But I enjoyed the process. I had fun reshaping the book and spending time with my characters. Months of hard work were about to pay off.


Or so I thought.

The book went up on NetGalley to garner some pre-release reviews. IT. BOMBED! I had two dozen one and two star reviews. It was horrible. I questioned every word I wrote. I doubted myself as a writer, big time! I wanted to quit. (Thank God for awesome writer friends who talked me off that ledge.) Together with my editor and publisher, we decided to pull the book from the release schedule and rewrite it. I spent 6 weeks rewriting the book from the ground up. Literally the only thing that stayed the same was the characters and the setting. Everything else changed.

It was once again release time. I held my breath every time I'd visit Amazon or Goodreads. To my relief, the reviews were GOOD! I began to regain a bit of my writerly confidence. My editor and I moved on to work on book two, which as the time of writing this post, hasn't released yet. I will say that the reviews are mixed--equally good and bad.

During all of this, I had pitched my editor FOUR different projects. Every single one of them was rejected!


Granted, a couple of them were books I'd written earlier in my career and aren't as strong as my current stuff. And some of them simply didn't have enough romance for this specific publisher--I knew that was a risk when I submitted. Still, every rejection stings.

Fast forward to my first royalty payment. Exciting, right?


I won't get into specific figures and amounts, but let's say I made way less than $100. For more than a YEAR of my time and effort to write and rewrite this book. If we say it was simply one year--12 months and I had earned an even $100--that means I earned $8.33 per month while writing this book. Let that sink in for a minute...

Still with me? Good. Today, October 10, 2017, six days before my second book is set to release, I get the devastating news that my publisher has decided NOT to publish the third book in my series, which, by the way, has already been written. Why? Because of poor reviews and low sales.

I work in publishing, so I get it. I do. This is a business, and they need to make smart business decisions--decisions that are in the best interest of their company and its bottom line. But for me, IT SUCKS! On so many levels.

My agent, who has been by my side through all of this, consoled me. Encouraged me. (Although, let's be honest, nothing anyone says is going to make me feel better right now. I need to wallow in this for a bit before I can get past it.) She also gave me a hard dose of reality. Because of my low sales and poor reviews and cancellation of my third book, the chances she'll be able to sell anything new under this pen name to another publisher is slim. What publisher would want to take a risk on an author with such a bad track record? Again, this would be a business decision for any publisher--I get that, and I'm not trying to place the blame on anyone. It just is what it is.

But what does this mean for my alter-ego? She's done. Finished. I will never write another book under this name. (Unless I want to self-publish, which I don't want to do. But more on that below.) On the surface, that probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but when I step back and look at the fact that I've spent the last THREE YEARS building this persona... I feel like I've wasted all of that time. I feel like I could've been doing something else, something more productive, something with a higher pay-off.

I have officially hit rock bottom. I'm numb. I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm confused. I feel like a complete failure. And now, more than ever, I want to delete every trace of social media, set my laptop on fire, crawl into a deep hole and hide forever.


You're probably wondering why I chose to share this long, depressing, embarrassing story of failure with the world. Well, because there aren't enough of these types of stories out there. Day after day after day we hear about six-figure deals, movie options, awards, best sellers lists.... And day after day after day, we wonder, why not me?

It can be hard to see all those success stories while you're struggling every day to open your WIP or write a single word or send a single query. I want you to know:


If you take nothing else away from this blog post, please take that. You are not alone. I'm struggling, too, and I'd bet there are dozens if not hundreds of other authors out there who're questioning if they should keep going. And you know what?


It's okay to feel unsure, to wonder if you're cut out for this business, to question the things you write. Don't get angry for doubting yourself. Embrace those feelings. Because it's not the feelings that are bad--It's what you choose to do with them that makes the difference. You can let them beat you down, or you can use them as fuel to come back swinging.

I honestly don't know where to go from here. But I do know I'm re-evaluating everything about my writing career, right down to what genre and age category I want to write from this point forward. I have made a few decisions, though...

  1. I will no longer be writing adult romance, as Kara or as anyone else. As a result of this decision, I have split with my agent. She reps romance, and if I'm not writing romance... You get the point. I have no ill feelings toward my now former agent. I wish her and the agency all the best.
  2. Above all else, I'm going to take some time for me. I'm taking the rest of the year off from writing. I'm going to start going back to the gym. I'm going to finally make a dent in my TBR pile. I'm going to enjoy the upcoming holidays with my family without looming deadlines or guilt for not writing any words on a given day. 
  3. When I do come back to writing--and I will--I'm planning to focus on YA. I've written quite a few young adult stories, and I have ideas for a lot more, and it's about time I did something with all of them. 

As a very close friend said to me recently: "We can't have talent and passion and get no where with it. I refuse to believe that."

I refuse to believe that, too! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's Goals: 2017

It's that time of year again! GOALS TIME! I actually really look forward to this every year. I love setting goals. It gives me direction and keeps me accountable. But, I have a bad habit of going overboard. A close, trusted friend recently told me I needed to scale back a little and stop trying to do "All The Things All The Time." I'm going to take his advice this year and set fewer goals, and if I achieve more than what I list, great! And if I don't, that's okay, too. So, without further ado, here are my 2017 goals...


1. If my editor likes my book proposal and decides to contract it, then I'll be writing Deceiving Devon (working title, subject to change), which is a spin-off to the Collins Brothers Series.

2. Finish Savage Passion (Midnight Rebels, Book 1) and allow my agent to start sending it out on submission.

3. Outline the entire Midnight Rebels Series--which, right now, is looking like it could be 7 or 8 books total.

4. Complete the R&R for The Georgia Corbins.

5. Finish Hallowed Ground (Graves Barren, Book 1), my YA Gothic romance, and send to agents or possibly my editor at Entangled.


Yup, this is on my goal's list. Again. But I won't be blogging here. I'll be blogging once or twice a week / month over on the Anaiah Press blog, where I'll share writing, editing, querying, and publishing advice. So be sure to head on over and follow along.


Because of my busy writing and editing schedule, reading for pleasure usually falls to the wayside. I did better with this goal in 2016, and I'd like to keep it up in 2017. But this year, I'm going to keep track of what I read and share it with everyone at the end of the year so I can shout about my favorites!

What are your goals for 2017? Share in the comments or link to your goals list :-) 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Looking Back on 2016....

As 2016 comes to an end and the world prepares to welcome 2017, it's once again time to look back on the year and see what I accomplished, what I didn't, and what big changes I faced in 2016. To read my full 2016 goals post, click HERE!

My 2016 Goals Included:

1. Finish writing books 2 and 3 of The Hayden Falls Saga 


My thoughts: When I set this goal, I knew it was a long shot. Not because I couldn't write them, but because this series was / is low on my priority list. The contract for book 1 will be expiring very soon, so for the time being. this series is on hold until I decide whether I want to renew the current contract or ask for rights back and find it a new home.

2. Finish writing book 3 of The Georgia Corbins


My thoughts: Originally, I was planning to self-publish the entire series this year, but then an opportunity presented itself, and I submitted book one to a publisher I would love to work with. While the editor loved the characters and the overall story idea, she felt the writing and execution still needed some work and offered me an R&R (revise and resubmit). So, while I didn't meet the goal I set, I'm counting this as a win. I have her notes and I will be working on this in the new year.

3. Finish writing Savage Passion and send it to my agent.


My thoughts: I have a notebook full of ideas for this new book/series, but other things have kept me from diving in (see below), but I'm really excited to jump into this new world.

4. Finish Warped Remains--A YA thriller I co-wrote with David Jemal.

Status: GOAL MET!

My thoughts: We finished the book and started sending it out. We currently have an R&R from an awesome publisher. We're days away from finishing the revision and will be sending it back to the editor in early January!

5. Finish Hallowed Ground (Graves Barren, Book 1)--A YA paranormal romance


My thoughts: The book isn't 100% finished, but I'm a lot closer than I was last year at this time. I'm now at 70K of an estimated 90K. I also managed to work through some road blocks, plot holes, and outline the ending.

6. Finish Eternally Bound--an adult paranormal romance


My thoughts: I'm admittedly bummed I didn't get this one finished. I've heard paranormal is set to make a comeback, and I really wanted to get this one done and sent out. *sigh* Maybe next year.

7. Finish The First Snowfall--an erotic thriller.


My thoughts: I'm on the fence with this book. I'm not sure my heart is into it, so I think for the time being, I'm going to shelve it.

8. Finish Resistance, the sequel to Inferno that I co-wrote with David Jemal.


My thoughts: This series is currently in limbo, so until we get it worked out, I won't be working on it.

9. Get creative and come up with some new adult book ideas.


My thoughts: As I mentioned in my 2016 Goals post, my agent signed me for adult books, and all of my ideas as of late seem to be young adult. I'd like to say I've come up with a whole list of new ideas, but I haven't. At least, not any that aren't YA. lol. BUT, I do have a new romantic suspense series I'm planning to write, and possibly some more NA books (which my agent does rep. YAY!)

10. Beg people to like me-- This included doing more daily promo and meeting other writers in-person.

Status: GOAL MET!

My thoughts: I started a newsletter and am steadily building my list of subscribers. I created and am in the process of launching a new pen name (Lexi Lawton). I met a group of local writers via NaNoWriMo and we'll be organizing a writing/critique group in early 2017.

11. Keep on blogging.


My thoughts: I completely dropped the ball on this one. I have no excuses.

Out of 11 goals, I fully achieved two and kinda achieved two. Those aren't very good numbers, huh. So, at this point, you're probably wondering: What the heck did you do all year, Kara? I'm glad you asked. I did a LOT! Honestly! Take a look...

  • I've written a total of 382,282 words on my personal projects this past year. 
  • I've edited a total of 6 manuscripts for freelance clients.
  • I've edited a total of 7 manuscripts for Anaiah Press.
  • My New Adult contemporary romance, Tempting Tanner, sold to Entangled Publishing in a three-book deal. It's the Collins Brothers Series and will be releasing throughout 2017. I've spent months editing, rewriting, and editing some more. 
  • I wrote the Collins Brothers Book 2--Chasing Xander.
  • I wrote a large chunk of the Collins Brothers Book 3--Resisting Ryder.
  • I wrote a big chunk of Hallowed Ground (Graves Barren, Book 1).
  • I wrote 25k of a brand new New Adult romance that's pushing the boundaries in some fun ways.
  • I co-mentored not one but TWO authors for PitchWars. And I'm beyond thrilled to say they are both now agented. 
  • I started a new young adult romance. 
  • I won NaNoWriMo!!
  • I outlined a book proposal for a spin-off to my Collins Brothers Series.
  • Jody Holford and I released Jaded Love
  • I visited Washington, DC with my daughter and her 5th grade class. 
  • I made several trips back to NY to visit my parents and my two older daughters.
  • My parents visited Michigan for the first time ever, and I had a blast showing them around. 

Even though I didn't meet many of my original goals, I still accomplished a lot. The sale of my series changed my focus, and that's okay. In my mind, 2016 was an overall win!

What did you get done this past year?

Friday, August 26, 2016

#PitchWars -- By the Numbers

Every year after the #PitchWars picks are announced, a lot of people wonder how many subs there were, what was the dominating category and genre, why one MS / author got picked over another... While we're not tech savvy enough to make a bunch of cool graphs and charts, or mathematically inclined enough to give you impressive stats and figures and percentages, we can break down our inbox for you.

First, let's take a look at the numbers....

Total number of submissions received: 38*

*This is a low number compared to what other mentors received. But we are not complaining! We will take quality over quantity any day. Not to mention, our wish list was very specific, so naturally our submissions would be lower.

~ Submissions by Category ~

Total number of Adult: 27
Total number of New Adult : 11

~ Submissions by Genre ~

Contemporary Romance: 16
Erotic Romance: 1
Women's Fiction: 10
Mystery: 2
Thriller: 2
Romantic Suspense: 3
Fantasy: 1
Sci-Fi: 2
Memoir: 1

~ Requests ~

We made a total of 11 official requests, and 1 unofficial request. The unofficial request was done behind-the-scenes. One of the benefits of the submission form is that we can see which other mentors an author subbed to, so we could reach out to those other mentors, discuss the sub and share requested pages. Yes, we know. Sneaky! But that's just part of the fun of #PitchWars.

Fulls: 6
Synopses: 5 

~ Common Reasons We Passed ~

There was a TON of talent in our inbox this year, and we could've made the argument to work with any single one of them. But, alas, we can't. Some really tough decisions needed to be made, and here are our top reasons for ultimately passing on a submission.

1. Info Dumping / Backstory / Too Much Narrative -- An opening chapter that has too much narrative packed full of back story and info dumps didn't grab our attention. Yes, this is something that can be easily fixed by cutting all or most of it and /or starting the story in a new place. However, with a limited amount of time to read, we needed to be sucked in from page one. If we weren't, we passed. In some instances, we were intrigued enough by the premise / query that we requested the synopsis to see where the story was going.

2. Nothing Happens -- This goes hand-in-hand with number one above. We wanted to have something exciting happening in that first chapter, something that piques our interest. It didn't necessarily have to be some big plot revelation, but there needed to be something to keep us reading. A majority of the submissions we passed on for this reason is simply a matter of not starting the story in the right place. The good news is that this is an easy fix.

3. Unlikable Characters -- If we didn't connect with the characters, found their actions / reactions unbelievable, or didn't get enough information about them to care, we passed. Especially with romance and WF, the characters are so super important that we need to love them.

4. Wrong Genre -- We were very specific with our wish list. We clearly stated what we did and did not want. Any submissions we received that didn't match our list were often marked DNR (Did Not Read). This is why research is so very important. Whether you're submitting to a contest mentor, agent, or editor, you absolutely have to pay attention to what they want and don't want. Don't waste your time or theirs by sending them something they probably won't read. It leads to hurt feelings all around. (Trust me, it wasn't easy for us to DNR a submission.)

5. POV & Tense -- This seemed to be a big one this year. With the genres we requested, there are some rather clear "rules" about what is and isn't acceptable in regards to POV. We saw a whole range of weird things: an omniscient romance; a contemporary with multiple POVS (more than 3) that shifted from first to third, etc. POV is easy to teach, but hard to implement, especially if several POVs need to be cut and/or rewritten. With only a two month mentoring period, we had to weight the amount of revisions against what we could reasonably do.

6. No Unique Hook -- Like it or not, publishing is a crowded place. In order to get noticed, you need to have that something special, a unique hook that separates your book from all the others vying for attention. What makes your book different? Why should we read your book instead of someone else's?

7. Subjectivity -- Yes, the dreaded, "We just didn't connect with it." We all hate hearing that, but sadly, it's a reality. There were some fantastic submissions that didn't have any real issues, but we weren't drawn into it. This is purely simple preference and personal tastes.

8. Poor / Inaccurate Representation -- We were very vocal about our desire for diversity and #ownvoices; and you guys delivered! (Thank you for that!!) This can be a very delicate subject, and we really took our time and treated it as such. If a marginalized voice was represented in a manner we felt was offensive or inaccurate, we passed. If we were presented with something that wasn't #ownvoices and we knew very little about the topic, we passed. We're big advocates of ensuring that not only are these stories told, but that they're told accurately.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#PitchWars Mentor Bio and Wishlist

Welcome to PitchWars 2016!!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a mentor again. There are so many fun, NEW things happening this year, too, so pull up a chair, sit down, and prepare to be thrilled :)

Let's start with the most important announcement of all, shall we?


That's right. I have teamed up with the super lovely, highly talented, and uber-fun Meredith Ireland! We are seriously so damn happy we can't stand it. We're all like....


This means y'all get a two-for-one! A tag team of awesomeness! A duo of delightful fun! 

So, who the hell are we and what do we know? We're glad you asked. Allow us to introduce ourselves and tell you why we're qualified to be your mentors...


Hello! I'm Kara. I'm a multi-published romance author represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency. I currently live in Michigan, but was born and raised in a very small Central New York town. As Kara, I've written and published a variety of things ranging from erotic romance to young adult to Christian romantic suspense -- most of which have since gone out of publication.  My alter-ego, Lexi Lawton, recently signed a three-book deal with Entangled Embrace for a series of contemporary NA romances. 

  • I've worked as a professional acquisitions editor for a little over three years now. Until just recently, I was the Editorial Director for Anaiah Press, LLC. I had to temporarily step down due to some massive writing deadlines, but I'm still on-staff as a Senior Editor where I work with a small list of authors. Additionally, I'm a freelance editor and part-time ghostwriter. 
  • I have two college degrees: one in Criminal Justice and another in Paralegal Studies.
  • I did a very short stint as an Agent Apprentice with Corvisiero Literary Agency last year. Sadly, family issues prevented me from continuing on with them, but that doesn't mean I won't return to the agenting side of things in the future. Never say never!
  • I'm a huge Pit bull lover and advocate! Really, who wouldn't love these sad, pathetic, squishy faces??

  • I'm NOT a coffee drinker, but I can't go a day without a Pepsi. I also have a killer sweet tooth, and I have a constant supply of Hershey's and tootsie rolls on hand. 


Hi there! I’m Meredith, the second half of this power duo. I recently signed with Lauren Abramo of Dystel & Goderich for my Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance novel SCATTERED thanks to #DVPit. You can read about my agent journey HERE. I also have an erotic romance short story called Ink & Ocean coming out in 2017 in the kINKED anthology. 

  • As a 2016 Writing in the Margins mentee, I have a good feel for what you’re currently and about to go through.
  • I have a law degree I use some of the time.
  • I went to law school at U Miami (Go CANES!), and college at Rollins in Orlando, but I grew up in NYC.
  • I’m adopted. I was born in Seoul, Korea, but raised in an Italian American family.
  • Unlike Kara, I’m allergic to cats, but I have a goldfish named Emo that has lived for a freakishly long time.

  • Like any good writer, I love coffee and bourbon (just kidding… sort of)
  • I love to travel but I have two tiny people who rather like me here
And now, here are a few of our favorite things....

Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert)
Renegade (Lora Leigh)
Six of Crows (Leigh Bardugo)
Wait for You (J. Lynn / Jennifer Armentrout)
The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern)
Taming Darkness (Kat Daemon)
Bared to You (Sylvia Day)
The Saint (Tiffany Reisz)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Napolean Dynamite
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Minion Movie
The Godfather
Anything w/ Mark Wahlberg
Gone with the Wind (a problematic favorite)
Spy (w/ Melissa McCarthy)
Mad Men (I know, it’s not on anymore, but it still counts)
The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
The Last Ship
Korean BBQ
Chicken Alfredo w/ broccoli
Soft pretzels with lots of salt
Chopped salads from Subway!
Peruvian chicken w/ every available side
A thick, tender, medium-cooked steak
Before children: rock climbing, cross-stitching, traveling, lifting

After children: missing my hobbies!
Scrapbooking, reading, going to the gym

Now that you know a bit more about us, we'll (finally) tell you what you really want to know...

What categories are we mentoring? 


What are we looking for? 



More specifically, we want...

  • Contemporaries with romance at the center of the plot
  • Romantic suspense a la Lora Leigh, Julie Ann Walker, etc.
  • New Adult stories that have the potential to be aged-up to the adult market. (College-set contemporary NA stories are a very, very hard sell right now, so while we are open to NA, if your book has the potential to be aged-up, your chances with us just got a lot better!) 
  • Contemporary-ish romances set in the 70s, 80s, or 90s.
  • Erotic romance. (If 50 Shades of Grey is one of your comp titles, please move along. We are not the mentors for you.) We would love to see something new and fresh. A female domme, perhaps. And please be sure there's an actual romance in your story and not just pages and pages of sex.
  • We love us some alpha males! Tough as nails on the outside with a sensitive heart. 
  • Characters over the age of 25-30 a la Something's Gotta Give.
  • Love triangles! Give us some heartbreaking angst with an impossible choice.
  • Taboo stories -- We love the dichotomy of, "We want each other, but we can't /shouldn't." Absolutely NO incest (step-sibling romances are okay) bestiality, pedophilia, or rape. 
  • Women's fiction with STRONG romantic elements.
  • Thriller & mysteries with STRONG romantic elements.
  • Very, very light sci-fic a la Station Eleven with STRONG romantic elements
  • Friends to lovers.
  • Exotic locales. Make us fall in love with places we've never been before!
  • DIVERSITY! We openly welcome and are excited for your diverse stories, so give us your LGBT, persons of color, and all your diverse characters. Remember... 


...And as long as you make us fall in love with your characters, we'll be happy!

  • At the end of the day, we want a strong, compelling voice that makes us want to follow along with a hero/heroine who has tension we fall in love with. 

Things that are firmly on our NO list...

  • Horror
  • Paranormal -- this means everything from vampires to ghosts to shifters to witches, fairies, dragons, etc. We're not looking for anything supernatural. 
  • Hard core sci-fi / fantasy or anything with a strong magic system. (There are better mentors out there for this type of stuff.)
  • Weak, whiney heroines
  • Virgins -- No. Just no. We want heroes and heroines who know what they're doing in the bedroom!
  • Rape. We absolutely do NOT want a story that deals with rape, has rape as a major or minor plot point, or has a character that dealt with a rape in their backstory that is then used as a character flaw. 
  • Historical anything. 
  • Cozy mysteries
  • Literary fiction
  • Dystopian and/or post-apocalyptic
  • Small towns in romance. We'll gladly take a look at WF, thrillers, etc. that take place in a small town. No "city girl moves to small town and falls in love with small town boy." No "character whose life falls apart and so returns home to small town and falls in love with past boyfriend/high school sweetheart." 
  • WF that centers around a Bed & Breakfast remodeling. 

N is for NO!
It's also the scavenger hunt letter you need ;)

Don't forget -- PitchWars Needs Your Help!!


Please, please don't forget to support PitchWars! Doing so not only ensures the continuation of a fantastic writing contest, it will also earn you a few extra entries. READ ABOUT IT HERE!

So, what's next? Check out the other mentors' bios and wishlists, and then hop on over to Brenda Drake's Blog for a complete list of participating agents and details on how to enter


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Monday, July 18, 2016

Re-branding and Book Updates

Last week, I shared some important updates with my newsletter subscribers. (Not signed up? Do so now!) And now, I'm going to share them with all of you...

Back when I started writing in 2010, I created the Kara Leigh Miller pen name, under which I wrote and published some rather steamy erotic romances. But then I had an idea for a young adult romance, (formerly known as The Georgia Corbins) which I also wrote and published as Kara. During that time, I was asked a lot about why I didn't create a new pen name for my YA stuff. And my answer was always -- Because I don't have the time or patience to create and maintain multiple social media accounts, and because I'd already built a following as Kara and I wanted -- no, needed -- to cash in on that from a sales standpoint. And I really didn't have any issues. 

Until I signed on with Anaiah Press, which is a Christian fiction publisher. For the record, I do NOT regret my time or my books with Anaiah. It's been such an amazing experience that I wouldn't ever change :) 

But clearly I couldn't continue to use the same pen name to write across a variety of genres like I had been. And so, it's come time to re-brand myself as an author. 

From this point forward, Kara Leigh Miller will ONLY publish young adult books. My alter-ego, Lexi Lawton, will publish the steamier New Adult and Adult books. If that's your thing, please feel free to follow Lexi on her website, Twitter, and Facebook. Also, sign up for her newsletter and get a FREE digital copy of Christmas Confessions -- an exclusive short story not available anywhere else!

Due to various reasons -- issues with the publisher, contract expiration, etc. -- FOUR of my books will no longer be available for purchase after the end of August....

Love and Other Games
Love by Number (Aurora Island Resort #1)
Love on the Rocks (Aurora Island Resort #2)
Love at the Edge (Aurora Island Resort #3)

I know this might not sound like a good thing, but it is! Because I'm in the middle of a major re-branding, having these steamier titles removed helps me achieve that goal. Plus, this now gives me the opportunity to revisit these books, re-edit, maybe even re-write portions and then re-release them as Lexi. Be on the look out for those sometime next year :-) 

If you follow me on social media, you'll remember that back in March, I was on the fast-track to having this book ready to release in early May. However, in a weird but exciting turn of events, the book landed in the hands of an editor at a publisher that I would love to sign with!

As a result, all of my carefully laid plans came to a screeching halt. I've recently heard back from this editor, and while she's interested in the series, there are some rewrites she feels need to be done before it's ready for publication. And after taking some time to really think about it and discuss it with her, I've decided to do it. All of her suggestions are spot-on and will only make the series stronger. I can't tell you how excited I am to dive back into this story!

Unfortunately, that means this series won't be published any time soon. I'm really hoping for sometime in 2017, but no guarantees. I do promise that this series WILL be back in the world at some point, though. I love it too much to just let it go.

While I've been busy working on the Collins Brother Series, I do have a lot of projects in the works and hope to have a new Kara book out sometime next year. In the meantime, this is what I'm working on....

Warped Remains -- A YA romantic thriller that's LOST meets AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. This is a co-written project that will be in front of an editor by the end of the month. 

Hallowed Ground (Graves Barren, Book 1) -- A YA paranormal romance series. It has the same tone and style and epic-ness of the Twilight Saga but without any vampires or werewolves. 

Untitled -- A contemporary YA romance that has a dual timeline (one told in present time and the other told via journal entries). It's a heartbreaking love story. 

Thanks for sticking with me, and until next time...