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The Evolution of my Writing Process

Yesterday, when I was supposed to be writing but was wasting time on Facebook instead, I happened upon THIS BLOG POST by Emmie Mears. (Language warning for those who are sensitive to cursing.) Go on. Read it. I'll wait...



Done? Good.

Great post, right? It really spoke to me, too, and I realized, "Hey, I've struggled with this very thing!" For me, Emmie's post freed me. It showed me that I'm not the only one who struggles to keep writing or with understanding HOW to write. I always see other authors talking about plotting and character GMCs and beat sheets and series bibles and I'm over here like....


Is there something wrong with me? How come I can't do all that stuff? Is my way the wrong way? Are my books bad because I don't have all that fancy plannin' and stuff early on?

Am I a fraud?

I'm totally a fraud, right? I mean, all the great authors plot, don't they?

In many ways, writing my very first book was the easiest. I wrote for the simple joy of writing. And then I wrote some more. And then more. And then I learned stuff, and well, writing became harder. There's a common misconception that the more books you write, the easier it is; and I suppose on certain levels, it is. But at the same time, it's not.

So, I figured it might be fun to show the evolution of my writing process, and maybe it would help some of you like Emmie's post helped me.

2011 - Word Vomit Master 
JANUARY --  I decided to write my first book. A contemporary romance. Turns out it's considered New Adult. That wasn't a thing way back then, so I called it an adult romance. The characters are in college. But I digress...

This book was 76,364 words of glorious word vomit! Yep. That's right. It was pure word vomit. The words poured out of me within a short 4 weeks. No, that's not a typo. This baby came out hard and fast. There was a prologue, 54 chapters, and an epilogue. I was rockin' the whole writing thing!

I had no idea what plotting even was or how to do it. I mean, I had a basic idea of what I wanted to happen within the story, but it was very weak and loose. I literally wrote whatever came to my mind. It was 90% dialogue. I had, wait, SIX different POVs, sometimes all within the same chapter. It. Was. Bad.

But you know what? I had FUN writing it!

MARCH-- I wasn't anywhere close to being done yet. I dove straight in to the sequel. This one was even better, y'all. I banged out another prologue, 89 chapters, and an epilogue for a total of 163,550 words in a matter of 6 weeks.

MAY -- I started reading craft books. I also joined a critique group. I very quickly learned everything I was doing wrong -- which was a LOT -- but I also learned how to fix those things and write a tighter, more believable story with characters who were more like real people. I still wasn't a plotter though!

JUNE / JULY -- I began work on a new book, which I still refused to plot. But I could see the improvement in myself.

2012 -- The More the Merrier
The best part of my critique group was that I could submit my work to the group. They would read it and then give me advice on how to make it better. I. Was. Addicted! I craved the feedback, and I overused it, too. I began to implement every single change they suggested until my work was no longer mine but a joint effort by everyone who read it. Even though the quality of my writing had increased exponentially, I wasn't really having any fun anymore.

So, I wrote a couple (four to be exact) short novellas. All by myself. Without any feedback from my critique group. And you know what?

THEY WERE PUBLISHED!!! Not just one, but several.

I was reinvigorated.

I wrote another book. This one a young adult romance.

2013 -- Hardcore Pantser
I started on another book. And then another. And another. Again, no plotting or outlining, but my end product was much better than anything I'd written up to this point. I was learning, growing, becoming an even better writer. Everything I had written was ALWAYS written in a linear fashion -- I started with chapter one and progressed through the story chapter-by-chapter, in order. But I noticed something: I was having a really hard time writing anything else. I'd start a lot of things but never finish them. I didn't complete a single book or novella during this year.

2014 -- Parading as a Plotter
I ventured into the co-authoring arena, not once but twice, with two different authors. Because of the nature of writing with someone else, I HAD to plot. There was no way around it. I needed to make sure I was on the same page with my co-authors at all times. The plotting we did was very loose though. It was basically:

Chapter 1: All this stuff happens.
Chapter 2: Then all this stuff happens.

It wasn't intricate or groundbreaking, but it served the purpose. And I realized something: The words and the writing came easier to me. I knew what was coming and therefore, I didn't have any trouble writing it.

I'd found a new process! With my two co-authors, I worked on and finished two full-length books in 2014. I was going to take this new writing process and run with it!

2015 -- IDK WTF I'm Doing Anymore
I completely outlined a brand new adult romance. I wrote almost 25K and then I hit a road block. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't finish it. After some serious soul searching I realized it was because I had outlined. I knew exactly what was going to happen and so I wasn't excited to write it. I felt like the story had already been told.

Then something strange happened... I had a dream. A very vivid dream about a girl who kissed a boy; a boy who didn't kiss her back. All sorts of questions raced through my mind as I tried to figure out the why, who, what, when of the scenario. I sat down later that morning and just started writing that scene I'd dreamed about. I knew it wouldn't be the start of the story, but that was okay.

I wrote the entire middle section of the book.

Then I wrote the big black moment and the resulting fallout.

After all that, I went back and wrote the beginning; and then I filled in any remaining holes.

For the first time in more than year, I had finished a book ALL ON MY OWN!

2016 -- Faking It Until I Make It
Do I still feel like a fraud? You betcha! Almost daily.

I still can't, don't, and won't plot. Writing out of order and then filling in the gaps still seems to be working for me. And so that's what I'm going to stick with until it no longer works. What will I do then? Who knows. But I'll adapt and find something new that works. In the meantime, I'm close to finishing my first full-length novel of the year, and I have plans to write a second one by October -- actually, I'm contractually obligated, so....

But at the end of the day, there's no one correct way to write a book. Everyone has their own process and methods. And that's okay! As Emmie so eloquently put it in her post: YOU DO YOU! Who cares how everyone else does it? You're not them. You're you. Go be you!


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{Editorial Interview}: Giovanni Valentino

I'm excited to welcome my personal friend, CP, and fellow editor to the blog today! Giovanni Valentino is Editor-in-Chief of Strange Musings Press, and he's making the rounds to spread the word about his newest project, ONE STAR REVIEWS OF THE AFTERLIFE.

1.   Welcome, Giovanni. The name of this anthology certainly is unique. Where did the idea for One Star Reviews of the Afterlife come from?

The title “One Star Reviews of the Afterlife” came from a crazy comment I made during a dinner party. For some reason, one of my guests felt the need to cross that line of discussing ‘money, politics or religion’ in mixed company. Said guest made the mistake of taking a strong stance against organized religion to defend their choice of being an atheist and it was really bringing the party down. I tried to steer the conversation back to something lighter but they wanted to dig in. After a minute long diatribe about people betting so much on an afterlife they had no proof of, I said, “Too bad they don’t have an app for that. Like Yelp! For the hereafter! That would be the best selling app ever.” Everyone laughed and the discussion turned to just what kinds of afterlives might get a one star review. From there, a theme was born. FYI, about almost all of the ideas from the party were submitted by someone during the reading period.

2.   What's the hardest part of putting together an anthology like this?

Reading bad submissions. I’m a little more forgiving about proofing than most editors, having lived half my life with an undiagnosed learning disability, but bad stories and unlikable characters are unforgivable.

And then there are the unfunny stories. I try not to take the unfunny ones poorly. I understand humor is a subjective thing and what makes one person laugh might offend someone else. Still, if the story just doesn’t seem like it was even trying to be funny or it’s just a 5000 word lead up to a bad punch line, I get a little miffed.

3.   What's the best part of putting together an anthology like this?

I love working with new authors. Finding a great story by an unpublished author and helping them get their name in print is very satisfying.

I’ve also been known to work with them if the story is close to ready.

4.   I understand you have a couple of stories included in this anthology. Can you tell us a bit about them?

I have two stories in each anthology, the first one and the last one. Not that my ego is out of control by being the alpha and the omega of each collection.

My first story in this one is The Accidental Rapture. It was very fun to write because I got to work out my frustrations from my long career in I.T with that one. I hope I was fair by mocking the end users and the IT people evenly. My biggest struggle with the story was keeping the tech references in check. I wanted them to be difficult to follow for a laymen but not impossible.

The other one is called Tort Reform for the Devil. This one grew out of my love of the classic deal with the devil story. I’ve seen a few recently that have tried to update it and bring the concept into the modern era but I’m always stuck on all of the things they don’t address like how modern technologies fit into the process or how things like depression or pharmaceutical fit into the signing process. If someone signs a contract in the real world with an undiagnosed mental condition, a lawyer can have that contract invalidated because the signer was mentally incapable at the time of the signing. Does the Devil have trouble with this? You think it would come up, right? Who in their right mind would sign a deal with the Devil anyway?

5.   What's next for Strange Musings Press?

Of course, we’ll be putting out another Alternate Hilarities edition next year. I haven’t decided on a theme just yet. I’m leaning towards the Apocalypse/Dystopia. I have the sub-title “Not your Mama’s Apocalypse!” stuck in my head but there’s still time for that to change. I have a few ideas for an “end of days” story myself and I’m looking forward to seeing submitters take shots at the Hunger Games or Divergent. Plus, I have a story to reprint from the old series called “The Last Man Alive”, so it will fit the theme.

Beyond that, I would love to get a line of humorous speculative fiction novels underway. It was part of the plan when I started Strange Musings Press. I’ve been holding off because I just don’t have the funding to be sure I can do it right.

6.   Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I am working on a full length novel now. It’s a humorous science fiction epic called Happy Birthday to the Galaxy. It’s about a high level government bureaucrat that gets thrown to the wolves during a global coup. He’s forced to live by his wits and the apps on his smart phone to avoid taking the fall for the gross corruption in his government. I’ve finished the first draft of that and I’ll be working on the second next month. I hope to be sending that out by July or August. I should be shopping it around later this year. If no one is interested, it might turn into Strange Musings Press’ debut novel.

As you shuffle off this mortal coil, many things will go through your mind. Will you be remembered well? Did you live the best life you could? Did you leave the iron on? And most importantly, did you remember to delete your browser history recently? But the big question that will finally hit you full on, is there something after all of this? And if so, will it suck? If only Yelp! had a category for the afterlife.

Here is a collection of humorous tales of the afterlife that covers the I.T. woes of Heaven, the dangers involved in using out-of-date occult tools, the perils of not saving appropriately for the hereafter, the shock of finding out that not every good deed will get you through the pearly gates and the cold hard fact that paradise just isn’t for everyone.

So go to the light at your own peril.

It could be life everlasting, or it could be an oncoming train.

List of Authors involved: 


Giovanni Francesco Valentino has struggled at the art of writing for four decades against many demons like self-doubt, chronic depression, OCD and severe dyslexia. He has written a few memoir pieces about his struggles going undiagnosed for more than half his life as well as almost a dozen humorous speculative fiction short stories. His long-term goal is to become such a famous science fiction and fantasy author that other people want to write fan fiction in his worlds.

You can find more Giovanni on his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

To follow along with the blog tour, click here for more stops!

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{GUEST POST}: 10 Things You Don't Know about Connie Ann Michael

Today I'm pleased to welcome my friend and fellow Anaiah author, Connie Ann Michael, to the blog. The second book in her Thousand Moments series, 1000 SILENT MOMENTS released a few weeks back, and so I thought it would be fun have her tell us a bit more about herself. So, here's Connie :-)

The biggest thing you probably don’t know about me is that I have been an author for about eight years. At one time I had three books out on Amazon and was busy promoting myself and then my publisher disappeared. Yep she disappeared and the authors had to scramble to get our rights back. I think in the long run it was for the best. It gave me a chance to look over the books and rewrite them. You see as you write more, you write better. So I hope they are better.  A Thousand Silent Moments is the second in the Thousand Moments series.  Now here are a few more things you may not know about me.

1. I have two college seniors
2. My son just registered for the NFL draft, he plays college football
3. I love to hike, kayak, or do anything outdoors
4. I love going to the movies
5. My secret talent is I can name a movie after only seeing a few seconds of it.  I have seen way too many movies
6. Reading is my favorite thing to do
7. I am a runner, a slow one but still a runner none the less
8. I have set a goal to climb three 14ers this summer in Colorado
9. I have a dog that looks like a gremlin after it gets wet
10. I write because I can’t sit still

Thanks so much for sharing all of that with us, Connie! Now, tell us about 1000 SILENT MOMENTS. (I had the pleasure of editing this book for her, and whoa! Have some tissues handy because this is one heck of an emotional rollercoaster!)

Only weeks back from the war, Emme “Doogie” Sawyer is in trouble. She struggles to fight the war in her head while also trying to build a relationship with Raven – who has recently returned from Afghanistan and taken up temporary residence in her house. Unfortunately, it’s hard to lock down the bad without cutting off the good. Soon, Sawyer begins to slip deeper into the darkness of the war she thought she left behind.

Running from his own mistakes, Raven tries to be the support Sawyer needs to move forward, but he soon discovers that in order to heal, they must rely on their faith more than they rely on each other. Raven takes Sawyer back to his childhood home, to where he hopes they both can find themselves and the faith they left behind.

Will they be able to find their way back to each other, or will the horrors of war and past mistakes destroy them for good?

BUY NOW: Amazon / Smashwords / Banes & Noble  

About the Author:
Connie grew up in Seattle but moved to Central Washington to be closer to all things outdoors. Married, with two college boys, she keeps busy kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking through the beautiful hills of the Wenatchee Valley. Growing up with a love of reading, the transition into writing seemed natural, and she can be found on summer days writing under the tree in her front yard, surrounded by her three dogs.

You can find more of Connie on her website, Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook.  

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{TEASER TUESDAY}: Torn, Chapter One

In celebration of an awesome cover reveal yesterday (a huge thank you to everyone who posted, shared and tweeted. Your support means the world to me!) and because today is Teaser Tuesday.... I give you the complete first chapter of TORN: THE GEORGIA CORBINS, Book 1

~ Chapter 1~

Levi Corbin
I sat at the lab table directly behind Ali Philips and Brody Nash. My jaw clenched as I listened to them beg Mrs. Dolgen to let them be lab partners. Were they dating? The thought made my stomach sink to the floor. So much had changed since I’d last been in Haldeen, almost three years ago now.
I looked around the room without making eye contact with anyone. Immediately, I noticed Shelby Blake. My heart ached with guilt at the thought of poor Ali fending for herself against the likes of Shelby. Although, if Ali was in fact dating Brody, then I had to assume Shelby was leaving Ali alone. Everyone always bowed to Brody and what he wanted. He was the type of guy every other guy wanted to be friends with and every girl wanted to date. I just never thought Ali would be one of those girls.
My gaze settled back on Ali. Her golden blonde hair stopped in the middle of her back. When I’d left, her hair had been short, a pixie cut she’d called it. I definitely liked it better now. Her long, tanned legs were showcased by the denim skirt that hugged her hips. A fitted, short-sleeved shirt clung to her torso, and brown cowboy boots came up to the bottom of her calves. I let my gaze rake up her body and down again, lingering on the spot where the hem of her skirt met her bare legs. She shifted, leaned forward on the lab table, and I fought to stifle a groan. 
“I must be going blind. Is that Levi Corbin I see sitting back there?”
I looked toward the sound of my name. Jimmie Allen walked toward me. He hadn’t changed a bit since I’d last seen him. His large head was still covered with jet black hair, and his eyes were still a size too small for his face.
“Hey Jimmie,” I said. And then, all at once, all eyes were on me. Perfect.
“Mr. Vincent, you’re late. Please take a seat and stop disrupting my class,” Mrs. Dolgen said.
“Yes, ma’am.” Jimmie Allen took the seat next to me. “So, what dragged you back to little ‘ole Haldeen?”
“Stuff.” I shifted my gaze back to Ali, hoping Jimmie Allen would get the hint I didn’t want to talk. She had turned around. One hand was propped on the lab table and the other on her cocked hip. Against my better instincts, I met her stare and swallowed the lump in my throat. “Hey, Al.”
I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was stunning. Al had gone and grown up on me. She turned around without saying anything, and I knew she was angry. I couldn’t blame her.
Mrs. Dolgen closed the classroom door and cleared her throat. She wrote an equation on the board and then turned to face the class. “Page two seventy of your lab books, problems seven through fifteen.”
A collective groan rippled through the room.
“I could give you a few more problems to work on if you’d like.” The room quieted, and the only sound was of Mrs. Dolgen’s heels clicking against the tiled floor as she made her way toward the back of the room. “Mr. Corbin, please come get a book.”
I stood and retrieved the lab book Mrs. Dolgen held out to me. When I turned to go back to my seat, I caught Ali staring at me. I smiled, hoping maybe she would finally talk to me, but she quickly averted her gaze. I sat down next to Jimmie Allen, opened the book, and looked over the assigned problems.
“Shut up.” Ali giggled and bumped her hip against Brody’s.
The sound of her laugh drew my attention, and I scowled at the sight of them whispering, of Brody putting his arm around Ali’s waist and drawing her closer to him.
“I’ll do the first half of these if you want to do the second half,” Jimmie Allen said.
I tore my gaze from Ali and gave my attention to the task at hand, but concentration was difficult when every so often, she would laugh. And I swore if Brody touched her one more time…
“Brody, don’t you dare!” Ali said.
“Ali and Brody, do we have a problem?” Mrs. Dolgen’s shrill voice cut through the room.
“No, ma’am,” they chimed in unison.
“Good. Let’s keep it that way.”
I refocused my attention back on the problems in front of me and breezed through them rather easily, but my thoughts once again drifted to Ali. I had to talk to her, try to make her understand. If she would just let me apologize, things could go back to the way they used to be.
“So, Levi,” Brody turned to face me, “is Tucker back, too?”
What kind of dumbass question was that? “Of course he is.” I noticed the way Ali hung her head, and her shoulders slumped. Talk about an odd reaction. I thought for sure she’d be happy to see us again.
The bell rang, and Ali was out of the room before I could even close my book. I rushed out after her, but by the time I made my way into the hallway, it was crowded and hard to find her. When I finally did spot her, I didn’t waste any time going to her. 
I cautiously approached where she stood at her locker. I reached out to touch her, but thought better of it and clenched my hand into a fist, dropping it to my side. “Hey, Al, got a minute?”
She spun around and faced me, anger blazing behind her blue eyes. “I’m sorry, do I know you?”
Ouch, that was harsh. “I guess I deserved that.”
Ali looked away, refusing to acknowledge my presence.
“Look, Al, I’m real sorry. Can you please let me explain?” My heart thundered in my ears. I had no idea what I’d do if she didn’t let me explain.
“I’ve been waiting two years. This had best be good.” She clutched her books to her chest and tapped her foot, the rhythm of her impatience spurring me on.
I took a deep, shaky breath and licked my lips. “Dad wouldn’t let us visit. He said he didn’t want to worry about cleaning up after our trouble making ways.”
“And your Momma wouldn’t let you use the phone? Or did you just forget how?”
I cringed. Had she always been this feisty? “I have no excuse for that.” I shoved my hands in my pockets so I wouldn’t be tempted to touch her and stared at the ground. “I’m sorry, Al.” God, I was royally messing this up.
“And what’s Tucker’s excuse?” She shifted her weight, her eyebrows drawing together in a scowl.
“He doesn’t have one either.”
“I gotta get to class.” She turned her back on me again and proceeded to walk away.
She stopped cold and stood there with her head down and her back still to me. Everything felt like it was in slow motion, the sounds of students going to class dulled to a barely audible hum.  I’d never called her Ali before. For as long as I’d known her, she had always been just Al, one of the boys. But now, standing there, staring at the back of her, she was no longer one of the boys. It was a hard truth for me to swallow, but one I couldn’t deny. Slowly, she lifted her head and continued to walk away. I watched until she disappeared into the crowd.
Well, that hadn’t gone as I’d hoped. I’d give her some time to adjust to the shock of seeing me, and then I’d try to talk to her again. She couldn’t stay mad at me forever, could she? I checked my schedule and realized my next class was English Lit. It wasn’t my favorite, but if I got lucky, Ali would be in class with me again.
I made my way toward room one sixteen. The room was full when I arrived, and the only empty seat was next to Shelby Blake. She was the last person I wanted to spend an hour and forty-five minutes with. Just the sight of her sleek black hair, dark eyes, and oblong face made me sick. She was single handedly responsible for so much trouble and drama. I looked around to make sure I hadn’t missed another empty seat. No such luck. I sighed and took the seat beside her.
“Hey there, Levi.” Shelby turned in her seat and crossed her legs.
“Your return is the talk of the school ya know?”
“Yup.” Did she think I didn’t know? Or that I cared? There was only one thing on my mind: Ali. I had to make things right with her. Even though I’d missed her every minute of every day I’d been in California, I had liked living there. Ali was the only reason returning to Haldeen was bearable. And now she wouldn’t even speak to me.
“So, why did y’all come back?” Shelby snapped her gum.
“Wanted to.”
“I noticed Ali ain’t talking to you. That’s a switch.” She blew a large bubble and popped it loudly.
I really just wanted her to shut up. Then a thought struck me. If Ali wouldn’t talk to me, Shelby would. “Is she dating Brody Nash?”
Shelby flung her head back and laughed. “No, but it ain’t for a lack of trying on Brody’s part. That boy has been chasing her since the day she dumped him.”
Relief washed through me until the rest of Shelby’s answer settled in my mind. So, Ali and Brody had dated, but no longer were. Interesting. Why had Ali broken up with Brody? The question was on the tip of my tongue, but I didn’t want to talk to Shelby any longer. I knew how she operated. I’d ask a few innocent questions, and she’d twist my words around and start a nasty rumor. She’d done it to Ali more than once, and I wasn’t about to give her an opportunity to do it again.
“I heard she hooked up with Jimmie Allen over spring break, though.”
I glared at Shelby. Ali and Jimmie Allen? Was Shelby lying? I didn’t know if she was telling the truth or not, but on the slim chance she was being honest, I was going to make a point to have a chat with Jimmie Allen. The second bell rang, and I sighed with relief. At least I wouldn’t have to listen to Shelby run her mouth anymore.

Copyright 2015, Kara Leigh Miller

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

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TODAY'S THE DAY!!!! TODAY. IS. THE. DAY!!!! Can ya tell I'm a little excited??

Gah! I've been waiting soooo long to share this with everyone. Seriously, I commissioned this cover (and the other two in the series) almost a year ago, and I've been sitting on them, waiting for the perfect time to unleash them. And now I finally can. WOO HOO!!!

All right, without further jumping around and squealing from me, which I'm sure you don't want to witness any longer... here's the brand spanking new cover...

TORN (The Georgia Corbins, Book 1) -- Coming May 3, 2016

Cover art courtesy of Eden Plantz

Two years ago, Alison "Ali" Philips watched her two best friends  -- Levi and Tucker Corbin -- pack up and move away from the only home they'd ever known. Being apart is difficult enough, but going years without so much as a phone call or email from either of the brothers was heartbreaking for Ali. But life goes on, and Ali learns to slowly pick up the pieces of her life and mend the hole they left in her heart. She's doing pretty dang well, too. Until she comes face-to-face with Levi Corbin during Monday morning Physics lab.

The pain of being left behind still stings, but seeing the boys makes her want to go back to the way things were. Unfortunately for her, they've returned with only one thing on their minds: Winning Ali's heart. Ali soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle she never intended to be a part of. As she tries to reclaim the friendships she's lost, unfamiliar feelings begin to stir. It's time to make a decision, one that will forever change all their lives: Levi or Tucker Corbin?

Ali is only certain of one thing -- She can't have one Corbin boy without losing the other.

I can't wait to get this book into your hands, and I hope you'll all love these Corbin boys as much as I do. To celebrate, I'm offering a $15 Amazon gift card to one lucky person. Enter the giveaway below!

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{RELEASE DAY BLITZ}: The Reburialists by J.C.Nelson

I'm happy to welcome J.C. Nelson to the blog for the first time ever! He's celebrating a new release today. If you like action-packed paranormal, then this is the book for you!!

Make sure you scroll all the way to the end for an awesome giveaway!

Burying the dead is easy.  Keeping them down is difficult.

At the Bureau of Special Investigations, agents encounter all sorts of paranormal evils. So for Agent Brynner Carson, driving a stake through a rampaging three-week-old corpse is par for the course. Except this cadaver is different. It’s talking—and it has a message about his father, Heinrich.

The reanimated stiff delivers an ultimatum written in bloody hieroglyphics, and BSI Senior Analyst Grace Roberts is called in to translate. It seems that Heinrich Carson stole the heart of Ra-Ame, the long-dead god of the Re-Animus. She wants it back. The only problem is Heinrich took the secret of its location to his grave.

With the arrival of Ra-Ame looming and her undead army wreaking havoc, Brynner and Grace must race to find the key to stopping her. It’s a race they can’t afford to lose, but then again, it’s just another day on the job . . .

About the Author:
A Texas transplant to the Pacific Northwest, JC Nelson lives with a family and a flock of chickens near rainy Seattle.

You can follow JC on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Woo hoo!!! I can't believe it's finally here :-) JADED LOVE releases today.

And to celebrate, my lovely co-author and I have decided to do something a little fun...

Other than writing and publishing two books together, the best thing to have come from this working relationship is a close, lasting friendship. Over the past two years, I've really gotten to know Jody, and so now I want all of you to get to know her a little better, too.

For anyone who's followed our journey, you know that Jody and I met during a contest hosted by me and Anaiah Press. I'll admit, it was a rather crazy sort of contest in which the winning author got to write and publish a book with yours truly. When we launched the contest, I seriously didn't think anyone would enter. lol. So, Jody, what made you decide to enter that contest in the first place, and what was your mindset / line of thinking upon entering and then upon learning you’d been chosen?

Actually, it was my friend, Tara Creel, who told me about the contest and said I should enter. That was a tough one because she was also entering and I don’t love the idea of going up against friends. Plus, we were both in the final five. She was, as she always is, lovely and gracious and so supportive when I won so I was in a pretty good frame of mind when I was chosen. I was happy, nervous, and uncertain. There are so many paths to publication and it’s hard to know which one is right or if any of them are the “right” way. 

Well, I'm super glad you entered ;-) Okay, now, let's get down to the important stuff. In Jaded Love, Kristy tends to ramble and as a result, often unintentionally embarrasses herself. Tell us, in detail, your most embarrassing moment.

Kara, this is a horrible question lol :) Okay. Um. Hmm…..should I go with the oldest or most recent. I’ll go with this one….my husband was teasing me on Halloween when we were walking with a group of friends. It was dark and I don’t see well in the dark. So he kept teasing and I turned and smacked him in the stomach. Only, it wasn’t him. It was a friend. My husband and our other friends found this very funny. Unfortunately, I do things like this frequently. Not hitting. But things that are embarrassing. 

LOL. That sounds like something I would do. As a fellow book lover, tell me... If you could live inside of any book world, meet any book character, and/or fall in love with any book boyfriend, which book would that be and why?

It’s possible the answers to those are all different. I would love to be inside Harry Potter’s world because how incredible would that be? I’d love to meet and be awkward friends with Cath from Fangirl because she is real and perfectly imperfect. For book boyfriends….I don’t know...what I love most about the books I read is how perfect the main characters are for each other. So I can’t become the catalyst for their break up. 

One of my favorite scenes in Jaded Love is when Jackson and Kristy don't go on a date to the chuch hosted singles dance. On the outside, it appears like a traditional date, but Jackson makes it very clear it's not, despite Kristy's desire for it to be a date. Have you ever been on a bad date? Please, tell us about it. (And don’t leave anything out!)

Yes. I’ve been on plenty of bad dates. There was the one guy who asked me out, made me drive, then when he suggested we go for coffee/snacks, told me he only had $5.00 so could I cover it. There was another where he decided we shouldn’t go on another date so he invited me out for dinner, brought a date for himself and a friend he thought I might like. I could keep going. 

One of the themes we explored in Jaded Love was fear and forgiveness. Arguably, Jackson's greatest fear is failing someone he loves, not being able to protect those that are closest to him. What is your greatest fear?

Everything. I have severe generalized anxiety disorder. I’m scared of dying. Of something happening to my family. Of something happening because I didn’t do a good enough job protecting the people I love. I’m scared of getting sick, of messing my kids up, of not being enough and of you publishing my response to this question. So the short answer: everything.

Thanks for putting up with my wacky questions, Jody! If you want to see what she had to ask me, hop on over to her blog and check it out! In the meantime, don't forget to check out Jaded Love and enter our giveaway for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

They can pretend they’re fine… 

Moving to NYC is supposed to be the fresh start Kristy Andrews so desperately needs, but she can't seem to shake the after-effects of having been kidnapped last year. 

Detective Jackson Reed never meant to kill an innocent man, but knowing that doesn’t change the guilt he lives with every single day. 

But they can’t hide forever… 

When Kirsty and Jackson meet, the connection is instantaneous, but neither is ready to open up about their pasts. Can love and trust conquer their demons? 

In order to have a future, they’ll have to face their past… 

When Kristy starts receiving threatening messages, her anxiety kicks into overdrive, but the last thing she wants is Jackson worrying about her. 

Jackson may doubt his ability to return to active duty, but he has no doubts about his instincts concerning Kristy. Someone is trying to hurt her, and he refuses to let that happen, even if it means going back to work; something he wasn’t sure he’d do. 

As the threats increase, Jackson shows Kristy that strength doesn’t mean facing her fears alone, and Kristy shows Jackson that forgiveness starts from within. Can they save each other before it’s too late? Or will the past come back to haunt them? 

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He’s fighting to forget his past while she struggles to remember hers… 

Doctor Josh Parker lives with guilt about his wife’s death every day. 

He believes himself incapable of ever loving again, but when a 
mysterious woman arrives in the Emergency Room, brutally beaten and left for dead, he starts to feel something he hasn’t felt in far too long: 

Alessandra Matthews has no memory of the events that led to her being hospitalized. Worse, she has no idea who hurt her or why. Although she’s uncertain of who she is, she is fully aware of one thing—she’s falling for her doctor. 

Sometimes, what you don’t know can kill you… 

As Josh and Alessa work to solve the mystery surrounding her past, she soon realizes just how much danger she’s really in, but Josh refuses to let her face the darkness of her memories alone. With each of them struggling to put their pasts behind them, theirs is a DANGEROUS LOVE.